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First order of business:

I’m interested in how gravity would behave with matter so dense on such a small scale? Quark-Gluon plasma sounds delicious.

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Wasn’t there a possibility of that thing sucking the town it’s in through the Earth or some shit?

And we need a flux capacitor nao.


No, there wasn’t a threat; just media sensationalism as usual.


Ok, so this Quark-Gluon Plasma is the heaviest piece of matter…ever. And it spins forever? That’s kinda OP. :rofl: How the fuck can you move that shit and will they ever disclose how much they have?


So…like…SCIENCE! or just Science?


I don’t believe they store it. I am pretty sure they can only create it for a split second.


It only exists for a reallly really really really really really really short time . The scientists know that they have created it because of the evidence it left (trace readings on the surrounding environmental effects, etc), not because it was observed directly (by the eyes, because it is humanly impossible to do so).


Lol whut?

So its tracings still contained the info of it weighing 40 billion tons, and identified it as a perfect liquid?


It can only be either liquid or gas. Depending on the subparticle interactions thereafter, they can determine whether it is gas or liquid because of the behaviour of the trace and resulting particles. They recreate what they believe the behaviour is when the collision happened from the resulting evidence (similar to how CSI recreates the murder scene and arrives at a conclusion) using mathematical models.

The 40 billion tonne weight is the hypothetical sum IF it is a cubic millimetre combined (they only created a tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny*N fraction of that mass). It illustrates the denseness (is that a word?) of the tiny particles they are working with. A drop of water barely weighs anything but how big of a tank would be needed if they need 40 billion tonnes of water? This thing weights 40 billion tonnes already if it is the size of a cubic millimetre, so it the size they are working with to keep it within reasonable energy requirements to reproduce is unimmaginably small.



Mixed Race, Pretty Face?

So my anecdotal beliefs that racial admixtures do tend to create more symmetrical and possess universally attractive features bears some scientific truth.

Also this documentary was very informative as well:


Antimagnets how do they work o_O


It’s like a void, in magnetic fields! Sounds interesting.


Uh yeah, any article that says Devon Aoki has good looks should be immediately thrown out. I find psychology interesting, but studies like these make the field a joke.


It’s more than psychology, there’s also intensive genetic studies on the topic. Watch the linked documentary as well.

Antimagnet tech was something I thought about a long time ago, visible light is essentially just a part of the electromagnetic spectrum.


LHC: Higgs boson ‘may have been glimpsed’


Man, I need to get myself leveled up in the hard sciences. Social Sciences are nice and all but they get no respect (good reasons why they do sometimes though).

With Higgs Boson we shall harness the energy of God. We are well on our way to the 4th Bountiful Human Empire.


As far as I can gather, the discovery of the Higgs particle (which IMO, probably doesn’t exist and we have to rewrite our understanding of physics) would be an impressive feat, but utilization of such a particle probably isn’t feasible. A Higgs Boson acts as a mass transferal system for particles within the “Higgs Field”, an omnipresent field by which fermions can acquire mass. Understanding of the Higgs Field would be the grand source of technological advancement, if it truly exists.

The problem lies in the fact that a Higgs Boson is said to decay within a fractions of a second, so it’s not so much that the particle itself would be usable, moreso the discovery of such a particle would validate their hypothesis… which could lead to bigger discoveries.

If we could turn off the Higgs Field within a localized area, we could probably make fermions massless, meaning that they would automatically travel at the speed of light. So a starship with the power to turn off the Higgs Field could instantly accelerate to lightspeed, but there could be numerous consequences:

such as


-How could the process be maintained?

-How would one stop the process mechanically after initiating it?

-What would happen to the momentum of the ship and its inhabitants once the field was back?

-If everything is massless, would their electromagnetic interactions cause matter to be indistinguishable from one another. (basically ending up as a mush)

Personally speaking, the discovery of superluminal neutrinos is even more astounding, because it opens up so many possibilities and generates many holes in our understanding of physics.


you need to surrender all your sources. Every time you write something, I feel like a moron (this is good, it also means every time you write, I learn something new).


I read Discover magazine, Popular Science, National Geographic and random online research stuff from time to time. I’ll look around the web for you.


I love contemporary particle physics for the sole reason that is one of a few illustrative examples showing that popper’s ideas on the mechanisms of scientific advancment exist primarily in people’s hopes and dreams.

edit: After ignoring Popper for years, I have just now discovered (via Wikipedia) that he shares my belief that Darwinism is not a testable scientific theory. How delightful! I may have to give him a 3rd look. Hurray for philosophers of science and other adherents to the rigid idealogy of logic.