The SRK XBL BlazBlue Matchmaking Thread!

Since it seems like people are looking for some better practice than the low end of the ranked match ladder, let’s get some match requests going!

On that note, I’m looking for anyone to play in the Maryland/DC area, specifically Arakunes, Hakumens, and Litchis. Hit me up, tag is on the left.

Mods: I thought about putting this in the Xbox Live board, but people don’t check that as often as they do this board. If you want to, by all means move it over.

give me 30 min and i’ll make a room for ya. I dont fit under any of those characters as you know. Maybe a lil bit of the spirited away character

Nah, I’m still at work for a couple hours but I’ll be home and playing online around 6 (if I don’t go to Eddie’s tonight, which I probably won’t now).

Hakumens and Litchi? look no further.

I feel my Hakumen leveled up a bit thanks to actually knowing what i’m doing. Still trying to get used to Litchi’s stuff outside the corner BnB.

I could use some quality matches to up my scrubby Tao play.

Preferably newer players like myself, sadly my irl friends aren’t really interested in Fighting Games, so I could use a partner or two to level up my play with. Hit up my gt if you’re interested, or send me a PM or something.

But if you’re down for whipping my ass repeatedly till I get the hang of stuff please feel free to add me as well :slight_smile:

Edit: Or hell just tell me you’re interested and I’ll do the work of adding you.

Edit Edit: I’d play you djhbrd, but I’m pretty sure you’d just whip my ass all around the stage :slight_smile: also I don’t play Haku or Litchi… so yeah

anyone can add me and invite me around 6ish

My gamertag is: Used Meathook

I’m in the process of learning Arakune. I’m starting to get a bit better, but I’m very weak when it comes to an all out rush still. He’s a helluva lot of fun to use though, I just need to get a better grasp on using those damn bugs he throws at you.

I plan on making Hakumen my secondary. If you send me a friend request, make sure you tell me you’re from SRK so I don’t think it’s just some average random person from Call Of Duty.

send an request if you want matches. i leave for work at 5 but will be on later

Seriously someone add me too… I’m so tired of fighting jin and noel.

Arakune is like the most fun matchup and I’ve played him twice… Same for hakumen and nu

Ill be on around 4 pacific time

Ghaleon when you get on send me or Mamation a message, we’re doing some player matches.

I play Arakune and live in GA. I’m on now actually. GT: Shanklin.

were you the one i just played? What happend? I went to get snacks and everyone left ;_;

I still have an hour to play if you wanna

^I might take you up on that offer. I’ll send ya a message if so.

Long time lurker to the SRK forums, but I’m playing as Nu under the the XBL GT: AbstractFactory.

Talk to you soon!

FYI: Just waiting for my headset to charge… I’ll be adding people as friends to hopefully up our game!

I’m on now if anyone wants to play. My GT is dubz on3 on XBL.

<— Litchi player, from SC

good games to everyone, more tomorrow?

Hate you all for playing when I’m at work. Adding you guys anyway
if anyone wants to play… I’m online

someone get at my jin.

Accept the invite :frowning: