The SRK XBL BlazBlue Matchmaking Thread!

I wanna play some socal BB players. On sporadically throughout the day. Gamertags L History L

Will be getting this tommorow so I’ll be a scrub :open_mouth:

Thanks for the fun games everyone. I’ll play again tomorrow…

Next time I’ll have a working mic so I’ll be able to hear everyone – and talk!

I really need to up my Nu game, but I’m getting better each game I play.

I’ll send you an invite, we can scrub it up together

who was the litchi with the long ass combo?
also, im very surpeized at how little lag there was from playing people all the way on the west coast

We’ve got a room ATM, so if anyone wants to play let me know
edit: gg guys, we’ll have to play again tomorrow

ggs to the people I just played. I was the super crappy Rachel player, as you may remember :annoy:

My TV’s speakers suck and I don’t have a headset, so if anyone were trying to say anything to me I probably couldn’t hear you at all, sorry :sweat:

I’ll finish adding everyone to my friend list tomorrow.

Getting used to the stick, would love to practice. Please add me

Have to say I’m interested. Need to level up alot more myself before my Litchi can be considered any good.

Everyone feel free to add me. At the very least you can pad your win % while helping a fellow srker (albeit a lurker) break the scrub barrier. Usually going to be online Tuesdays and Thursdays mostly…with random nights in between. Will be available all day for some matches.

<----- GT is over yonder

Looking for training buddies. :3 I’m west coast (Reno, Nevada) and play Arakune/tager/ragna.

Go ahead and add me. I’m new and learning stuff too. More than happy to play anyone in this thread.

Probably not gonna go online until a few days. Need to get better at Jin’s combos so that I don’t embarrass myself.

Honestly, I wouldn’t worry about that. The best way to improve your overall game, is to practice against other players, not the CPU :slight_smile:

God, Ranked matches are just pointless. If anyone wants to play a meh Hakumen, look me up.

Even with lag, you can learn a ridiculous amount by playing others.

i played people states away from me and didnt feel any lag. Im addin you koogy baby

I’ll be on in about 2 hours, if anyone want a match. I have it for 360 only, so any one can send me a friend request. I’m still new to this game, but I accept all challengers.

Sup guys, I’m borderline midwest/EC and play Hakumen, may eventually move to Nu dunno yet

I do have kind of a weird problem though: The left two buttons on my stick don’t work on the 360. Since those are the triggers, I can’t send invites, so if we want to play you’ll have to invite me or I’ll have to make a public room.

Texas, hur. Always looking for people to play against, so if anyone wants to add me, gamertag is Gromkii.

Currently trying to work on a legit Jin ( of course everyone was going to use him :s ) and trying out some Ragna.

I’d be more than happy to join and trade scrub matches with you guys. I’ll add you when I get home from work.

I’m terrible at this game as I only got it yesterday, but I have fun with player matches even when I lose. Hit me up if you’re looking for some friendly games with a noob. I still haven’t decided who I’m maining yet, but having a lot of fun with Arakune.

I use Litchi, Tao and Arkubane. I live in South Catolina. My gamertag is CoKe WaVe x MOB. Hit me up with some friend request. I need lots of practice.