The SS Tenka Thread: The Resurrection

According to Iggy on MMCafe, Samurai Shodown Tenka was to hit arcades today.

Anyone know anything about it? Anyone in Japan go to an arcade that has it? Are people playing it, or ignoring it like SSZS? Do the snozzberries really taste like snozzberries?


Yeah, any good? I may pick up the X-Box copy f you guys think it’s worth it. Also, are Cham-Cham and Galford in it? They’d better be…

Oh, and yeah quiche, the snozzberries really do taste like snozzberries.

No X-Box version has been announced, though a Japanese PS2 port has been confirmed with a (laughably tentative) release date in November. I wonder if SCEA will make them bundle SSTenka and NGBC together for NA release? That would make my wallet very happy and my inner SNK fan very sad.

And yes, Cham & Galford are in it. Every Sam Sho char from the first 5(and a half) 2D games is back, plus 4 new ones.


yo can anyone get match vid’s

SNKP USA doesnt pack games from different series.


well, maybe they’ll pack SSTenka with the lousy PS2 port of SSV that never made it overseas?


Really? I could’ve sworn that my KoF:MI instruction manual had a pic of an SSTenka box shot with the X-Box printing on it on the final page… Hmm… Maybe it was SSV then…

todays impressions and more on the way

I played this game today, too. Didn’t even realize it was a new game at first, but the Samurai Spirits cab right next to 3S suddenly looked different, like the super bars were different, and I was like “wtf”. Did a double take, and sure enough, it was Tenka.

There were 3 or 4 people waiting to play on each side and only one machine so I played just one game, with Charolette. The groove descriptions are all in Japanese explained with a bunch of fighting game jargon I don’t understand yet, so I just picked the groove with the cool kanji =) Turns out it was the K-Groove one.

I almost got a round on my opponent, who had a 7 win streak whoring out the arrow-shooting girl on all of us scrubs that hadn’t played Samurai Spirits in years, or ever. I almost made a comeback after I found some move with Charolette’s sword that goes full screen and can punish those damn arrows!

I don’t know anything about Samurai Spirits or how the game works, so I leave all impressions and future commentary up to beelzebub :tup:

BTW, heard it through the grapevine but this game will almost definitely be a featured game at SBO next year, so interested parties might want to pick it up when it comes out on PS2.

I think the ‘spirits’ all similar to K-groove in that they have a rage gauge (maybe the ‘ten’ spirit doesn’t tho? I’m not sure).


Yeah thats SSV on the back

I picked the “Ten” spirit actually LOL.

Anyway, hopefully beelzebub hooks us up with some English instructions for the grooves.

Match Videos:

Iroha, Sieger, Ochamaru and Andrew all look awesome. But specially Iroha…


iroha is a fiend! she combos really easily.

wanfu seems pretty crippled… i dont really have a clue at this point though.

the game has a different feel, pace, system. for example it seems easier to cross up (haomaru crossing up with a j.HS).

you also cant roll as you get up like in 5 and 5special which i find very hard to adjust too.

there are new moves here and there and all the new characters look cool.

im gonna give andrew a try coz his normals seem decent and his fb and qcb+S are both good. his dp seems a little too sharp an angle upwards to be really useful (and it leaves him very open).

So… it’s very probable that SNKP releases SSVI (I really am lazy typing the japanese name, so I’ll stick with the international one :P) for the XBox in America? Man, I’d buy it.

Beelze, I’ll be waiting for your Andrew impressions.

So much stuff coming out as of late and still to come, you gotta wonder if this is going to saturate the already dwindling arcade 2D fighter market. That said, I can’t wait to play all these awesome looking games.

NOOO!!! not my wanfu…Is sieger in the game also?

Everybody is.

Word, then I should be getting my kit soon. Uhm did I just see a dial a combo in the vid? There goes my hopes to getting my samsho scene alive again.

Did you read anything about the game… at all?

Six. Different. Grooves. Including all the “grooves” of the previous games. And from reports, so far everything is balanced - even the SS4 groove.