The SSB thread

Alright, there seems to be too much debate on SSB’s usefullness/uselessness in the other threads. If you want to talk about SSB, do it in here. If you think SSB is useful, explain and show examples how to incorporate in a match, risks/rewards and yada yada.
If you think SSB is ass, feel free to vent why it’s crap to dispprove believers.

[media=youtube]zs4cdlTzKdo[/media] skip to 5:00

seems to work fine

If you’re lucky enough to randomly throw out the ex version if in the corner, you can fadc into a full animation ultra…but even that is more or less pointless.

s.HKxxEXMGB c.HK c.HK U2 does the same damage as EX SSB FADC U2 and you saved yourself 2 meters.

I actually like that empty duck into SSB for the point that you only have to hit it once to get the opponent to think about that as an option in your mixups, which you really don’t need to use anymore during the match because of the mental gains.

Why Short Swing Blow is Bad
A Small Essay by Mr. X

SSB is a bad move, you should very rarely ever think of using this move and if you do think of using this move, don’t do it.

The back movement part is throw invincible but you can get throw on the forward movement part before it becomes active.
If they crouch tech, they recover and can block or throw out another low or something to stuff it or better yet hit SSB on the way back.
LK SSB is -2 on block, MK and HK are -4, allegedly.
On Counterhit, it juggles (not a free juggle, the juggle like after EX MGB or 1 crHK) BUT you can only follow up CH LK SSB with HP/EX JU and juggled U2 in the corner because the other 2 recovery too slow. You can FADC the last 2 and juggle with HP/EX JU and juggled U2
Risk does not outweigh the reward: On hit, LK SSB is +2 (allegedly) and MK and HK are 0 (allegedly), they do 120, 140, 160 respectively.
But all moves are risky Mr. X*

Yes they are, some more risky than others and this falls in the more risky category. This may be a option but Dudley has many options and most of them are above SSB because they are safer, faster and yield better results. You can cancel SSB into Super or FADC it, which is good and why I only have one decent use for this move:

midscreen stun combo with full super meter
jHP fMK sHK xx MK SSB xx Super (590 dmg)

But the CH damage is so good. 200 damage on CH HK SSB is delicious!

If you can land it, yeah and it’s only a dash away to get back into meaty overhead range if you land it outside the corner. Too bad it is slow and you could get 300ish damage if you go for a normal that can link into sHK that is less risky.

You mad, you don’t know how to use it.

Mad that when I still had hope for this move that it failed me at every opportunity. If you want some advice about how to use this move: only throw it out against a corner opponent unless in a combo. It’s easy to just hold back and move out of the range of this move for it to whiff. [media=youtube]rYlc-soQRO0&#t=2m55s"[/media]

If they seem to tech your throws a lot, just go for counterhit setups instead.

Disclosure: Terribly biased post is biased. I know I you don’t need to FADC it, the knockdown +damage on CH is good, but I am mudslinging.

I agree with Mr. X. There is no denying that it is an overall bad special. Is anyone really saying its a better move then Jet upper or ducking? i think not.

But even bad moves may still have uses in very minimal situations. Like when you have super and want to throw bait

Here’s my take on SSB: in baseball, when a pitcher has a pitch that they can throw but not well, it’s often referred to as a “show” pitch. IMO, SSB is Dudley’s “show” pitch. Yeah it works, but in very specific situations. Like the above posters, I feel it really only is worked best either into a Super, or used once to demonstrate that it can be used.


I dont really like it…
Ive used it about 5% of the time… if at all…
Its okay if youre baiting out a grab and you bust it out but you can do other better things instead…


When you have Super stored, Swing Blow is a legitimate and practical way to land it, especially when the opponent is cornered.

After any anti-air that resets the opponent (Stand MK, Stand HK, Stand MP, Cr. HP. etc), EX Swing Blow as the opponent is about to land is also a legitimate tactic to score a knockdown. It’s superior to Jet Upper because it evades many reversal attempts and catches many characters back dashes too.

Whilst the move is not one to be used regularly, if you don’t use the move period, you’re giving up a decent offensive tool.

SSB isnt used for the damage.
It’s just a part of Dudley’s 50/50 game aka blocklow DP grab jump.
In over half the game’s match ups SSB beats 3 options.
Sets up for a FREE combo depending on MU ( vs RYU I tend to use LK SSB in c.HK range on wake up, The either eat 30 chip damage, LK ssb to LP MGB juggle combo or a free combo f.MK, s.HKor c.HP, s.HK)
I never played in offline tourneys just some online 4600 pp at most online.
I dont know what I’m talking about.

go to training mode
Set P2 Dudley on record.
Record c.MK > f.MK > f.MK > HK SSB.
test it vs all reversals with low horizontal range (dragon punches, Sagat, Dudley, ect)


[media=youtube]o22pOTFIl1A]YouTube - ThirtyfourEC [Dudley] vs. x P lR e C i Se [Dudley[/media]

in addition to the post above me
You wouldnt use it once Dudley gets U2 because of how the active hitboxes linger out for a while and have a good amount of horizontal range.

SSB isn’t a bad move in all MUs
The sooner you learn for yourself how to use all of Dudley’s moves, the better.

also that guy was mashing his brains out in the inputs. Wish they were shown ;-; ( not the point of the video)

sorry, forgot to show inputs. But that was exactly what I was mentioning how it can create mind games and it gives you an opportunity to get free combo. Although you can just walk back and wait for the inpatient opponent, its a good tool to add to your other options to give you a better mix-up to keep your opponent guessing at ALL times.

EDIT: I’ll re-uploaded the video Thirtyfour so you can see the inputs.

EDIT!: [media=youtube]o22pOTFIl1A]YouTube - ThirtyfourEC [Dudley] vs. x P lR e C i Se [Dudley[/media]

This is the video, I deleted the first one and this one has the input dispay for players 1&2. B)

I’m taunting at every Dudley I happen to play off/online.
I waited for him to taunt too… almost ate a fierce

Good use of SSB and nice pressure game too. Dudley’s wake-up is so gdlk.

I thought I was the only one to rose taunt other Dudleys and Dans.

And I saw your opponent get tossed out of SSB.

He was doing DP regardless and didn’t have enough meter to FADC it if you had blocked it. He was scared.

He was scared and mashing wake-ups lol