The ssf4/ae switchover

it seems the PC version will have both SSF4 and SSF4-AE. Will any of you be playing SSF4? I’m wondering which is more likely to have any players on; vanilla or SSF4 standard. I’m not interested in AE.

Why would you possibly choose to play Super over AE? New characters and character balances are bad?

AE gets a lot of undeserved hate. The twins and Fei are ridiculously strong, but the rest of the cast is still very good.

I’m sure some people will be playing Vanilla/Super if there character got nerfed.

I am hype for both, I play Guile a lot and he got tons of nerfs, but I am still gonna play AE too. I dont want to get spoiled on Super guile lol

…But I do think Super standard will have more players than vanilla once AE drops.

i guess u says that cause cammy is nerfed in AE :<
anyway im playing SF4 for 2 years, and im pissed to wait for a new version, gonna play AE since whole ppl will play it, and tournaments will run with AE not super…

I’m going to play AE regardless, why would you play super? Its like what vanilla was to super. Obsolete.

I’ll play both, but I would play super since I really havent gotten the chance to yet, plus I want to learn the 10 new super chars as well as the 4 new AE matchups, so if there is a yun army online, and I want to get away from it, its nice to have the option available.

I’ll buy AE when waiting for people to enter my lobby on vanilla starts to annoy me. Right now I seldom have to wait longer than 60 seconds (incidentally whether you get everyone or noone seems very location dependant; I played on the same computer when I took it 40 minutes drive away and got noone entering the lobby after 10 minutes, at home I don’t have that problem!)

I think I’m gonna create AE/Super(either) lobbies when AE drops. This way anyone can join, and I dont mind playing Super now and then either.

I’m new to SF4, can someone tell me the difference between Super SF4 and Super SF4 - Arcade Edition? And which ones will be released for which console (PS3, Xbox, PC)? Thanks.

differences betwen SSF4 and SSF4 AE are in balance. They also added 4 new characters, and some of the characters have different inputs (i.e Bison ultra 2 is no longer qcf qcf PPP but charge back and f-b-f PPP), and added new features as search for player channels etc. I saw changelog somewhere, try google it.

SSF4 is right now only on Xbox 360 and PS3, but afaik on PC is going to be released SSF4 AE on 26. June 2011, and there should be switch between SSF and SSF AE as well.

Calhzydar, bagelobo, DeadMachine04, and myself are all looking forward to doing 4v4 teams against anyone else who is also getting AE next month.

We have a pretty diverse team, so find some buddies to team up with and challenge us!

Over exaggerate much? They are strong but hardly “ridiculously”.

Are you guys on the team getting it on steam or d2d or where from? Just curious I think I am going to try d2d.

I’m doing steam personally, dunno about the other fellas.

Please tell me d2d and steam users won’t be segregated…

I’m going to do the SSF4 trials and simultaneously play SSF4:AE online. Crazy… I know… :smiley:
I don’t expect Capcom to go over the whole SSF4/AE switchover thing again for the PC version.
So most likely there won’t be trials for the twins and the sith lords, but an option to play SSF4 online, too. Imho this fallback option is needless.

They will not be segregated, all PC versions will work together. However if you choose only AE when making a lobby, only AE players can join. Which is why I will be leaving my lobbies open to both AE/Super(more players overall)

Super is new to me too as I only play on PC.