The SSF4 Dictator Request Thread

**Please Capcom:

  1. A useful PC

  2. HS tracking (no more of that walking back or forward shit)

  3. Make DR a crossup

  4. SK is fine

5 Give him his CVS2 overhead shrugs

  1. A useful Ultra

  2. More priority (no more trading with EVERYTHING)

Thank you.


What’s that? Make another one?

Well goddamn

Complains that is all we get but people forget to learn and that you play the opponent not the character.

give HeadStomp more tracking

in SF2; the enemy would get stuck into block pose when walking back

in SF4; the enemy walks back when you press back and will only block on hit; making the Head Stomp very easily sidestappable by simple walking

I am a Head Stomp whore

no more accidental teleports when doing ultra!
better yet…
just take off those damn shortcuts!

Bison needs “Possession”.

Unblockable and tracks, Bison sends his soul into your body and rips you apart. GG.

I would also like to see the DP shortcuts removed or have an option to have shortcuts to OFF

I demand ‘instant victory’ button for Dictator.

He needs his fireball swat move from CVS2! I can’t use bison without it!


All of Bison’s specials need fixing:

Psycho Crusher: Needs better start up, better recovery, and needs to not be considered to be on the ground on start up for so long.

Scissors Kick: Needs to be considered to be in the air for the majority of this move, not on the ground.

Head Stomp: Needs faster speed and/or better tracking. No more avoiding it simply by walking. I’ll give up some of its anti-air properties and lowering the damage on the EX version if I get a better normal stomp.

Somersault Skulldiver: Needs faster start up and the active box needs to last longer (preferably all the way to the ground). Also needs to be less wonky; it’s weird and hard to control compared to all his other versions of this.

Devil Reverse: Needs to arc lower while flying, also needs to be able to cross up with the dive if I pass over my opponent’s head.

Super and Ultra are fine. But he could really use another way to land Ultra other than j.MPx2 or fully charged FA. My recommendation: Make his back throw a launcher like in CFJ. I’ll take the weakening of his s.HK to compensate.

Hells no on #2, let’s not give XBL Bison even more reason to relentlessly squat in the corner. Make DR more like ST’s version.

More corner trap potential. Look. I just want to play ST Bison. Thanks! :lol:

My request is that shitty players be banned from using him so we can avoid hearing the same incorrect and tedious whining from threads like this.

I think it’s fine that the opponent can avoid bison’s stomp by walking/dashing, otherwise bison pretty much gets a free approach.

What really gets to me though, is the HS tracking messing up on a bunch of random moves that only budges the opponent forward a LITTLE bit. Chun’s c.hp, guile’s, sagat’s, gief’s EX spd from point blank(WTF?), and so on.

oh yea, low moves dodging underneath DR is pretty silly too. Shoto’s, sim’s slide, blanka’s cower stance. These don’t really bother me though, just makes me feel silly when it happens.


Bison’s one of the best characters. I don’t know if he needs any buffs…

guys, the only thing i think bison needs are rekkas they are good!

He didn’t have that in ST, so shadddup.

Free1UP owns with Bison :slight_smile: