The SSJ5 General Thread: E3 happening but Ono doesn't Spirit Bomb

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When’s Arcade Mode.

when’s dan

Byron was:

I didn’t get to post a funny meme on page 501 :frowning:

Well anyway
Page:501 strats

Yup Daigo is a scrub for saying it’s harder for better players to prove they are better. I got you.

Byron Trailer

Damn, didn’t even make it to page 502…


…the thread may now continue as normal.

I prefer BlazGreen.

How many nobodies gonna leave their mark on the front page even though they never post here :coffee:

And the cycle begins anew…


@CHNchilla89 yeah he is mad good. Asked for another set after the tournament. Tell him I said what’s up

Nonsense, I can do the exact same thing and create a fighting game that practice removes all skill from deciding who wins and who doesn’t.

Let’s say we take SF5 and make it so randomly 5 seconds into the game one of the two players is KOed instantly and it is random decided. Would you tell me Knuckle Du can consistently beat players like he does now in a game like that?

If a game like that can feasibly exist then it stands to reason that there is a sliding scale in terms of games that has an extreme discrimination of skill and one where marginal differences are barely noticeable.

That’d ruin my day for sure.