The SSJ5 General Thread: E3 happening but Ono doesn't Spirit Bomb


Is that Tetsuo Hara artwork ???


Yes it is. I had no idea he did a poster for this game either lol. Apparently he actually designed the roster as well.


So my source that told me that En Ni Won was the next character was full of shit? I should of known…


Then you like this.


Oldboy is one of my all time favorite films, high five.

Fuck the remake though


Thanks yall just got promoted in this mofo, you dudes are amazing asf :slight_smile:


Yo that shit is photoshoped right?

Nigga got legs like daffy duck


What CAPCOM should do is at least announce that it is NOT Byron if it really is not him and watch the speculation re-explode! Lulz for dayz.


Never heard of this but just saw the trailer, looks badass. Too bad it’s not streaming only DVD.


Can stream it with Amazon Prime and a trial subscription for free, may check it out this weekend. Thanks.


Maybe its just streaming on canadian netflix then I dunno

but watch it!!!


I mean, I don’t think blurred legs are normal, so yea, I’d say it is.


That looks photoshopped as shit.


It’s funny because I heard that Junko Ohashi song for the first time on Smug’s stream. And his stream was also the first time I heard this song too. Smug thought both were really dope.


It’s gotta be. Dude over here looking like he bench twice what he squats. Pretty sure my 105 lb gf got thicker legs than that.


Yeah I don’t think those chicken legs are there at his gym



@TWINBLADES what experience level is your Cammy now?


Um I don’t know 65… maybe…

How is SFV netcode so shit yet Poongko can fight Du lol


Sees more LTG related bullshit


My goal is 99 just wondering how far in you are. I’m about halfway to 61.