The SSJ5 General Thread: E3 happening but Ono doesn't Spirit Bomb

Wanna try Brazil-Australia connection ? :wink:

It’s crazy how much sicker Akuma is in Tekken 7 than he is in SFV, and that’s not even me hating on SFV (promise this time) he’s just amazing in T7. (especially when he’s in the story mode)

Max is still trying to beat him in Boss rage, and he’s getting desperate now, he’s not even making jokes anymore, now it’s just miserable retry after retry. lol


holy shit Yorkey stop shilling Maxishillian

Damn it’s a sad state of affairs when Nintendo has way better matchmaking code than you.

I played my first online game other than SF5 in probably over a year last night. It was Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on Switch and was the first time I ever took it online. Everything about the online experience is better than SF5, especially the matchmaking.


I think you need to take your posts to this section of the forum.

The KO freeze is pretty badass. Does that happen in normal T7 matches or just in this mode?

And you are right, Akuma looks sick aesthetically. His grunt is really annoying though.

To be fair it came bundled with Kinect and the actual hardware is of better build quality than the rather flimsy PS4.

Of course that’s the kind of gamble that’s usually not going to pay off when two system launch back-to-back but it’s not as if the 100€ bucks were totally unwarranted.

Haha Max just beat that boss rage shit. The reaction after he beat it was hilarious.

Bruh you’re good with me, I’m not into Yakuza tattoo girls either.

From hate to love to hate to love again in mere seconds. Such a polarizing game.

Do you guys think that SFV has damaged SF’s reputation going into SF6 or whatever? I think so.

Super fun and you get bags and more bags of fight money.
Also everybody sucks, so you can just deathfist people to victory, it’s great!

SFV is so bad, it makes every other fighting game look that much better.

well surprisingly theres a quite a bit of scene for Tekken here in India who were wanting a PC version
Many of us tried to do an online tournament for SF but due to shit online performance and having to do tis manually with slow ass battle lounges we dropped it

Now that Tekkens on PC with a proper tourney mode, should be fun

I think whether or not the SSFV rumors are true, that’s about the only way Capcom has to salvage this project is by putting a new face on it. SSFV needs to happen.

I like SFV Akuma more than T7.

I’m to scared to go online because I don’t want the world to laugh at my shitty Korean back dash.


Nobody else can do it either, so you’re gucci.
Went online too made 2nd place in some random tournament, nobody was able to kbd.

You can use sidestep cancelling as a crutch until you grinded that shit out.

Practicing KBD and wavedashing is also good practice for Capcom fighters. If you’re good at that shit, you’ll probably never miss a dp input ever in your life again.

To be honest, people praised the graphics of T7 a lot but there are some really bad textures sometimes, even on the characters. Overall I still prefer SFV models. #teamthiccwaifus


I’ve got Mario Kart Switch. The online is great. I also took part in the Arms testfire and that’s great aswell. Arms is surprisingly good. I played on a pad and it was easy to stomp 7 year olds. I’ve actually preordered it because it was so fun to play.

Arms for Evo, mwaha!