The SSJ5 General Thread: E3 happening but Ono doesn't Spirit Bomb


Waddup grasshopper?

I fucking knew you’d respond with a gif. Stop using so many gifs.

But just to let you know homie you broke a huge 4th wall calling it a Gif lol

gifs own son

look at what happens in that gif, there is a whole story to that surely but you will never know. The mystery is its own reward.

but is it pronounced ghiff or jiff?

that’s the real debate to be had

@ribu sorry man in my anger bouts other people hit me up to play.

I 5-0’d Spinning Beat with my Kolin. That was fun :giggle:

@DJBLKKZAND94 honestly man do you. If you the gif guy be the gif guy.

Now then, when’s Ed?


Its ghiff

The creator of the format says its “jif”, too bad he is a computer nerd and not a linguist and doesn’t understand how the language works.

That and the fucking g in gif stands for GRAPHICS, a HARD G.

Yeah man where’d you see this?

Have fun man!

New to fighting games or SFV?

Who are you playing as?

I should have never got back to street fighter! My work became incredibly boring and tedious now that I can only think on going back home and playing

Any GG players here can tell me if there are endings added to Jam and Dizzy in arcade mode already? I remember doing their arcade mode when they were available and there wasn’t any ending.

it’s supposed to be jiff but i and everyone i know pronounce it giff so giff it is.

One day you’re gonna surpass the SRK legends here like Windalfr and Deviljin and become one yourself. Keep grinding!

I started of with sf4 in 2013 and only able to do jhk crhk.

jump roundhouse, sweep is still basically the best combo 1991-2017

Yeah, they didn’t have any endings because Jam was added late to the arcade iirc and Dizzy was DLC. Both of them along with Kum (insert laughing monkey here) and Raven will have their own stories and endings now in Rev 2.

I hope I can continue playing the Rev 2 demo today but I guess it won’t work anymore since my us account only gave me a 2 day trial for psplus. I am fucked right?

Not as much as someone that has GG on PC and will not see Rev 2 for a while

If you ever share any of my tech again, I’ll fuck you up in real life.

I honestly have no idea. I’m pulling that it doesn’t just not work when your trial ends.

You won’t be waiting that long if you’re planning to buy it. It’s coming to steam on June 1st.