The SSJ5 General Thread: E3 happening but Ono doesn't Spirit Bomb

So he’s getting released “in the coming weeks”… you mean E3?

I want this to be his actual theme. I’m not expecting it to be, but it fits him so perfectly.

lol lol lol.
you think thats not possible, but in Super Dragonball Z for the ps2…either Piccolo or King Piccolo…super motion is a star motion. i swear to Gawwwwwwwwd!

I’m completely expecting modders to have him leaked and playable after the beta, if Urien and Juri are anything to go by a lot of pc players will be in battle lounges with him. Including me.

I hope Satsuki die in a flaming pit of shit four times before get a SFV slot, tbh.

Psycho Cody :lol:

Ed V-Skill reminds me:

Kolin V-Trigger is called Diamond Dust,right?

I see you Capcom.

He’s either going to be really good or really bad.

People will cry he’s to easy if he’s good.

Nobody angry about his release date then?

In the coming weeks, you’ll learn even more about Ed, including his release timing so stay tuned!

Guess people have gotten used to it

im high roight now and ed looks cool

10/10 design
10/10 fighting style
10/10 for cockiness
10/10 for not stealing Psycho Crusher
0/10 for actually having the audacity to have him beat the fuck out of Bison. Fuck you Caps!
0/10 for fucking stealing PSYCHO CANNON.

But 11/10 for being haunted by Bison’s phantom. Bitch, YOU ARE A CHANGE OF CLOTHING. YOU ARE NOTHING!!! ENJOY YOUR 15 MINUTES F A G! (I’m allowed to say that word)

umm… He have burn knuckle… I got someone who can do burn knuckle in my waifu Fighter…

You have to be pretty weeb to know what Blade Arcus is

I already got Ibuki and didn’t buy any Season Passes so I don’t care

Only just now watched the trailer.
This boy is overdoing it like hell lmao, calling it he’s bottom half

Another character I’ll be unable to play on pad if he has variations between lm mh and lh

Bison’s emo son with his hair covering his eye. He should guilt people to death by threatening to slit his wrists as a v trigger.

I don’t think he is going to be easy at all. rapid presses and hold buttons for timing are pretty tough for folks. if his bnbs are rapids+ holds I imagine most folks won’t even bother with him.

Yeah this is the only thing I’m concerned about if it is like you described. Sounds like he’ll be a pain for pad players that aren’t Smug or NuckleDu that’ll find some esoteric way of making it work any way.

He looks sick af lol

Ed growing so fast and Sakura is still a teenager