The SSJ5 General Thread: E3 happening but Ono doesn't Spirit Bomb

Did you say Tekken Thread?!

are they all doign teh chicken tonight dance

Got the same Ryu again. Left after one match and decided to stop playing Ranked for the night. Getting Jab AA’d feels terrible. (Unless it’s FANG)

Ibuki lose to Sim.

Morally, absolutely

With SFV being the way that it is and this being a new fighting game renaissance, I say why not.


Had to pull out the big boi tonight eh?

Soon I will surpass you hahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!


Lol you never answered me…

Krone had a bad experience. Imagine how that discussion went.

I love short sets. They reflect the true spirit of this game. Long sets are for people that have a lot of time to kill. If you need 10 matches to adapt to another person’s tactics, something is wrong.

FT5 is the optimal set length.

Well if anyone wants to get a set in let me know.

If you take this game seriously, FT2 is the optimal set length, because it’s something one must get used to to ever make it out of pools anyways.

The ultimate set is Yomi deathmatch, first hit wins no rematch

Here’s the thing though, Lupe doesn’t even make good music anymore. No reason to respect the dude if he’s gonna act like a brat

the optimal way to train in a game isn’t always the way tournaments are played.

look at sports, they’ll scrimmage way differently than they’d play an actual game.

look at mtg, which is also 2/3, but people play long ass sets to learn the matchups better.

talking out of your ass is fun though.

Since I started playing about a month ago I’ve only been doing casual matches, as a rookie it’s like being in shoto town, so many Ryus, Goukis and Kens; so I got tired and decided to go ranked to finally play against something different. And soon enough I realized I don’t know jack about some character, I got bodied by an Alex because I didn’t even know what his moves were.