The SSJ5 General Thread: E3 happening but Ono doesn't Spirit Bomb

Welcome to the journey of fighting games. You will find often as not, you need to know just as much about your opponents character as your own.

now you go to training mode and run through alex’s moves and learn how they interact with your character.

Like this:

Why would someone buy Alex?

So I’m playing a Vega, score the stun with him on a pixel. Decide to whiff a DP and kill with a command grab to get meter, my thumb flubs the command grab motion a couple of times cause I’m tired as fuck so it looks like I’m teabagging.

I ain’t about that life man, if you’re out there somewhere guy I didn’t mean it.


Is ok it was Vega, it was a freudian mistake for all the blockstrings they force you into…
…and by you I mean me…
…and by Vega I mean that damn japanese guy that keeps raping me with his lvl 70 vega when I meet him in casual match in the morning before going to work.

so you don’t lose to him for not knowing what he does?

idk if you’re just getting in the game I’d assume someone bought the version with both season passes, but if anyone is serious about the game i’d really suggest them owning all the characters.

Meh, vega… something something dash up command grab.

Least it feels like you’re playing SF against him though.

I was just making a low tier Alex joke :frowning:

I prefer sets of first to none, fuck this bum ass game.

I wonder how close we’ll get to the Beta release before we see the new character. (Man, typing “Beta” legitimately after a year really hurts)


Waddup grasshopper?

I fucking knew you’d respond with a gif. Stop using so many gifs.

But just to let you know homie you broke a huge 4th wall calling it a Gif lol

gifs own son

look at what happens in that gif, there is a whole story to that surely but you will never know. The mystery is its own reward.

but is it pronounced ghiff or jiff?

that’s the real debate to be had

@ribu sorry man in my anger bouts other people hit me up to play.

I 5-0’d Spinning Beat with my Kolin. That was fun :giggle:

@DJBLKKZAND94 honestly man do you. If you the gif guy be the gif guy.

Now then, when’s Ed?