The SSJ5 General Thread: E3 happening but Ono doesn't Spirit Bomb

I wonder if Krone’s real name is Joshua Filpot

Jesus Christ Keits has completely ruined this game. I can only imagine how badass KI would be if Double Helix was never bought out by Amazon and continued to work on this game. It was like a dream come true when KI came back. I mean I own a damn Arcade game for KI and KI2. And not having a new KI game in decades, then it comes out and it owns. Then to see it just go downhill after the start of S2 (which clearly had DH created characters to start) then getting pretty bad at the end of S2 with Aria, and now it’s just complete and utter shit.

Did they not realize that Raptor is about 4 feet away from the guy he is “biting” in his Ultimate?

That’s part of the joke.

I agree with the downhill spiral though, but I also love Aria. It’s just a really fun concept having a character who’s basically X-Factor in reverse; begins the match super strong and then becomes continually worse the less helath she has. Of course she still suffers from the same visual issues most S2 and S3 characters have, like some janky animations and an overall really cheap-looking model. Riptor is the only post-Season 1 character who actually looks good. Wouldn’t be surprised if she was done by Double Helix right before the buyout.

The classic KI came out during a time when game conpanies really pushed the presentation of the game. The atmosphere isn’t quite the same with budgeted KI with the minimalistic menus and vs screens. The gamsplay was fun before they screwed with it a bunch, but the movie/game show like presentation in the menus and hud just aren’t there. Reminds of KI Gold on the N64 where they couldnt use FMVs so they settled with generic text and pictures.

The generically black backgrounds during the ultimates doesn’t help. It makes things like Orchids one piece scarecrow hair stand out more.

Damn that Riptor animation is trash. And why the fuck is there a Battletoad in this game…?

The serious answer is to capitalize off nostalgia.

Which Answer? Allen Iverson or Frankie Edgar? I may have to pick up GG now.


I’d like Capcom to explain me a thing: if Nash is supposed to be an offensive character compared to Guile, why do both his back and air throws send the opponent full screen while Guile’s put them into meaty range? Why do H/EX scythe and Tragedy Assault send the opponent much further away then FK? Why is his V-Reversal a purely defensive tool? Why is Guile’s enhanced boom a better get in tool than anything Nash has? etc.

And the best thing is, despite of what they say in S2 they buffed Nash’s zoning and nerfed his pressure.

wake up critical arts are funny.
i did CA as Kolin…Mika counters with her own super…

and nobody got hurt folks.

usualy the one that activates lasts beats out the CA and punishes with own but…Kolin first then Mika…the CA cancel each other out.
i will assume Kolin’s critical art is throw/grab invincible.

The throws I agree with, makes no sense. H.Scythe giving shit follow-up as well, makes no sense.

Guile’s boom should be better though, he’s incredibly linear.

When sfv first came and everyone was just battle lounging ft5 it was so bad for me cuz my adaptation skills were horrid. Ranked being 2/3 prepares me and increases my ability to grasp and influence an opponent’s playstyle quickly and in tournament setting

I think they have no idea what they’re doing.
They put in Nash when they had that rushdown theme beta long ago.

What’s your address @LordWilliam1234

Is Overwatch really gonna go through 2 events and 2 heroes between the third character in this shit season pass

I dunno but I’m getting tired of events tbh. It took me 3 weeks to finally get the skins I wanted and now there’s more? Fuck their RNG honestly
Not really fond of seeing them change heroes every couple weeks either. You can barely get used to the new tools before a new PTR drops.

>Add events to base game because deepest lore
>take them away

Overwatch a shit

I got everything, if you play like 2 hours a day you get about 5 boxes. It’s easy as fuck

Guys I am trying to find out why my long time forum friend and kindred spirit @YagamiFire has been banned. Can you help me @d3v @Pertho @Preppy ? Anyone? :sad: