The ST Debate

We have started the ball rolling on Evolution 2006 behind the scenes, and we have a dilemma. There seems to be a hard decision regarding ST and the future for that game. The problem is there is no good port from the arcade version to the home consoles. So we have to rule some things out first.

Dreamcast is a bad port, hard to find (without advocating illegal activities), was never released in the US, and uses hardware that isn’t for sale anymore. Not to mention that the button select screen is a nightmare. So we are going to eliminate any possibility for a DC ST tournament.

Here are you three options.

Option 1 is to have the tournament continue on Playstation 1. Adapt to the changes, and play your best.

Option 2 is to substitute ST for Hyper Street Fighter 2 (Anniversary Edition).

Option 3 is to just remove it from the tournament all together.

Pleast post your reasons why if you vote in the poll to help us decide. Please do not suggest using arcade hardware as we are a console tournament, and arcade hardware is extremely outdated, and arcades are rapidly vanishing.

Question : If AE is used, are only ST/Turbo characters and their glitched counterparts used, or the whole cast?

Look why don’t you play it on AE editon, just tell folks to only play ST styled on it and if they don’t they get Disqualified.

Thats very simple if not can someone tell me a better option for ST to get played on at Evo?

Noone is going to practice or play ps1 ST again, and it’s not AE and it’s not arcade ST, so it’s not an option IMO.

For that matter who plays ST? if most of the hundreds of people at evo can honestly tell me they were preparing on some ps1 ST somewhere i’ll accept it, but they are IMO either playing DC ST or AE. I don’t think many people are going to say mame, DC ST is out, so AE seems to be the only real option to match what the community is already doing to prepare for evo.

I would also say that if AE is used, don’t try to make it like ST with extra rules. Noone plays AE that way, other AE tournaments aren’t set up that way. The WW chars might be a problem because they change the speed, but I don’t see too much else.

Here is why Anniversary Edition is a bad substitute for ST:

If a player picks an Old character - such as Old Ken or Old Sagat then NEITHER player can tech throws!

You can’t simply play ‘ST’ via AE, you can only play AE.

Derek Daniels

ST is the only version of SFII that has tech throws so, who cares? Anniversary Edition is the better game. I understand that purists will disagree. I just think that AE gives younger players a more even playing field and even the old school players have to actually learn something also.

Sub AE for ST. Don’t take it out altogether. That’s about the worst thing you could do, imo. Unless you hate street fighter or older players that option is confusing. It gives the organizers more free time to run non-sf tournaments I guess. I would think that the flagship of street fighter would be trying to add street fighters and not subtracting. Is street fighter being phased out purposefully? Dropping old school is like knocking the bottom floor off of the skyscraper! This should not be an option for this website.

Why would someone vote NOT to have a tournament, that’s not an organizer lol. Not sure how that works.

A) Something Else
B) Something Else
C) Nothing

what is the appeal of C in this equation?

:sad: aww man. option 2 is the only option. too much wierd stuff in ps1. cutting st?? ewww. i’ll just pretend i didn’t see that. ae is ‘close enough’ for console st in my book. looks like cigarbob will have a monopoly @ evo2k6…

:wonder: if u cut st i’d feel so…so old. i’d have face the fact that no one will offer me the mid-level exception, or pick me off waivers. travelling day after day by inter city buses can be depressing. i’d have to go play in europe or japan for comp. i’d be relegated to coaching scrub team tournies in dave and buster’s. i’d have to wear wacky coloured sport jackets while commentating on sf tournies on espn8. :wink:

ae can make aging a gradual downward spiral.
hey, i can be in denial if i want. :sweat:

no other sf game has tech throws? :confused:

i don’t want to get too off topic here.

I love SF2, but I’m not going to vote, cause I don’t go to EVO.

Poor ST.

Given the choices, it sounds best to run an AE tournament. (and hope that CigarBob hooks everyone up for their ST fix :tup:)

btw, how can people honestly vote option 3?

Poll: “Game or no game?”

People who make no apparent sense: “Yay! We like no game!”

I imagine that Option 3 is there to force the purists to make up their mind and to let them know that regardless of however much they want ‘real’ ST, it’s not going to happen. :-/

Heh, you’re probably right :wink:

Maybe they want a well-run tournament. I mean, if you take out one of the games, that frees up resources to make sure the other games run smoothly.

I’m not anti-ST by any means, but the fact is that all the console versions of ST are suboptimal and AE is even worse. Given the limited resources at hand, I don’t think it’s worth it to run a bastardized version of ST. If there were no ST at all, I might feel differently, but CigarBob is bringing his cab and running a 3 on 3 tourney. I say give the CigarBob tourneys some kind of official Evo imprimatur while leaving the actual tourney operation up to him. If he’s up for it, I mean.

I voted AE because imo it’s better than ps1 st.

I don’t see how not having ST can improve a tournament. It’s the shortest game we have. If you want to make it run smoothly, make cvs2 1 game only. It’s the same as cutting out 3 games lol.

AE imo should not be limited to only ST characters. the game is meant to be played with all of the modes and is fundamentally different from ST anyway. Therefore AE can’t be used to replace ST. so best bet? stick to the ps1 version.

if ST won’t come back next evo becuase the console versions sucks then I’m all for AE having its own tourny though.

I know evo is a console only tourney but lets say if boards were provided how many would have to be to keep it on arcade

as much complaining i’ve seen from everyone last year ae seems to be the only choice

and omg fmj has an av

Being relatively new to the SF scene, the only experience I have is on AE and I would love to see a tourney w/it. WW characters should be banned, of course, because there can’t be a mirror match, but I imagine the only way to run it would be allowing everyone else. I’d say there’d probably be some sort of ‘soft ban’ on CE Bison especially, because of how broken he is, but I guess it hasn’t really been proven in tournament play (to my knowledge) that he is broken, so I don’t see justification in banning him.

To all of the old-skool guys: I know you love arcade ST, but I think that if there is any chance of extending the life of SF2 you’ve gotta look to AE, because for new blood like me and my friends an ST cabinet is impossible to come by, whereas everyone can get AE. Anyways, hope to see some version of ST there.

I think that, since no console port of ST is really ST, you should just replace it with AE. Not only does AE offer an experience that is somewhat close to ST (if both players pick ST characters), it also offers more gameplay variety by offering other versions of the SF2 characters.

As an added bonus, you can also cut down on equipment costs with AE, since you’re probably going to be using the same discs for 3S anyway.