The ST Lounge 2.360


Come in and pay thanks/sacrifice a lamb to the Pap and Gan the Gods.

Thanks for all the work you 2 puttin in around these parts.

Thx to Kuroppi for organizing King of GGPO tournies too!


so this is the thread where we can talk about everything and post funny youtube videos, right?

this akuma does a walking flash kick at 1:04. they need to patch this



Papasi & Ganelon can kiss my

did i do it right ?


Sweet, an off-topic thread.

What’s your favorite cereal?


This thread will never measure up to it’s HDR big brother.


I want sixpack.



I went to get some water in my kitchen and there was this little lizard on the wall. It saw me and got scared and fell off the fucking wall but when it hit that ground that bad boy took the fuck off. Only the floor was real slippery and it tried to bend a corner around the fridge but it started drifting lolololol



A Pic of a sumo wrestler’s ass? Why would someone take a pic of that?


Is anyone here looking to jump into MK9?
Idk if i wanna spend $60 on it.

It looks like it has the same hype as MK vs DC.


yes, finally a tribute to papasi, the most vocal “not good” player in the scene.


No idea, dude. But I will tell you one thing: DJ Beans is not gay. Really, they can ban me from this site if they confirm he is a ***.


wtf are you guys talking about? Thats me in the pic.

edit: lol heres a better/funnier idea lol

papasi and ganelon can kiss my

yup thats me fer realz lolz. all you fuckers can kiss my brown ass lol


I am not a very good player, I am much more of a Super Street Fighter II X/Turbo and SF2 in general enthusiast and fan.

BTW, dunno if anyone else has this “thing” but when I’m learning a new character I usually don’t have a preference for “my” color. Until I play it long enough that I’m comfortable with his/her moves, then I will stick to one color.

PS. All the HF colors look damn nice.


I’d rather kiss your steroid caused man titties.


LOL, papasi!

I suck with Guile and Chun, and also have no clue on Fei and Dee Jay, and I favor the blue color. I ain’t sure I will ever learn a different character. I like red O.Ken, but options are sort of limited! Golden Ken looks cool, though I have always loved blue since HF days. I guess that’s the same for Guile. HF Blanka looks cool, but Gief, not sure. I like the red, blue and black colors for him.

Color tier (part one)


[]Sky blue (Fwd)
]Dark Green (hold)
[]Black (Jab)
]Light blue (Frc)


[]Purple (Frc)
]Gold (hold)
[]White (Jab)
]Yellow (Start)


[]Blue (Frc)
]Black (Fwd)
[*]White (Start)

Chun Li

[]Pale blue (Jab)
]Black (Short)
[]Grey (Fierce)
]Green (hold)


[]Komoda (Short)
]Blue (Strong)
[*]Green (Start)


They all suck.


Hold color dict is great he’s made out of solid gold.


yellow is reserved for choke artists like myself

ken (start) = yellow
fei (start) = yellow
hawk (start) = yellow

capcom keeping it simple for my scrub balls.


You must be constipated again huh lol ? Your´re forever doing that. See folks, pasky fantasizes about licking my nipples whenever he has dificulty performing 1 frame links with his bowels lol. That fantasy always seems to clear the runway right up lol.

What I never could understand is how a butthole that can swallow a Watermellon whole could ever have dificulty spitting out a simple turd/pasky. You would think your whole stomach would fall out when you walk MK style lol.

So as long as we are here we might as well clear this up lol…

How many times do I have to tell you there can never be a relationship between me and you fagsky. Your little life experience shows. You confuse Rape with Love and you confuse your feelings of Love for me with the urge to take a shit lol.


I got your back homie. I got your back AND your ears lol.
Next time you’re feeling Blue and wishing I was there/in you, all you have to do to get rid of those feelings is pop in one of these custom SANWA BUTT PLUGS LOL.

So pasky I bid thee farewell but not before I leaveth thou with this



Lol haters gonna hate

Old School u are wrong about ur color tiers.

Ryu: mp. Dark blue head band>>>>
Dic: start or mk = black and yellow dic>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

You got something against Black Dic?


What, slime green Dic isn’t cool enough for anyone? ;.;


Ken in dark blue ftw!, my favorite is ken in his original red color though.
Deejay in blue and purple pants.
Ryu in black and light blue