The ST match vids + discussion thread


There’s an instance of Chun-Li’s infamous “YA!” while blocking in that last a-cho vid.


about fuckin time ya’ll made this lol. I got some ST vids (no not of myself)
Starting at the bottom of the 1st page.


ST Vids:


lol @ the lastest a-cho vid where mayacon takes out boxer/claw/otochun with his thawk.


Is that in one the above links? If so I didn’t notice it.


This site requests that you only download one movie at a time please:

From a Tokyo arcade called “Las Vegas.” The top vids are tourney, the bottom vids are casuals.

These are not top Japanese players by any means, but still some decent matches. That Dic seems like he knows what’s up, and that Guile player knows exactly how to play against Honda.

And don’t miss out on that WW Blanka action…:confused:


Oh yeah, and here’s Daigo vs. Ani Ken casuals:


I think the links are all broken.


Yeah, looks like they all went down…:sad:

#14 has the RTSD matches with Valle and Afrolegends, good AE matches.


Awesome vids, thanks nohoho. You have pretty interesting informations, do you live in Japan ?


So chun is considered top tier in japan ? Interesting. Oh and I never saw Dic ranked as a top tier char in Japan, while he’s generally considered top tier in the US.


KKY seemed pretty green back in 2004.


:frowning: are all the vids down now?


This guy has recently put up some quality ST vids. SF Taikou and ST Master Secret Cup Special Match.


noguchi is my fuckin hero. not only does he have a sick ass fei long, but he has like the most annoying vega ever.







Oh man, I just had some horrible flashbacks of More, losing to nothing but Wall Dives and Chickenwings…:sad:


:rofl: :rofl:

do you know where can i get some more footage of him? especially his vega. :badboy:

and do you know where can i find vids of ARG’s vega?


This is not enough wall dives.[/sarcasm]


Couldn’t even watch the whole thing.