The ST match vids + discussion thread


lol, yito thought i was using turbo, so he turned on turbo against me.
beans had to explain to him in spanish.
i think that was the only time he used turbo afaik

btw, between mikeidge playing st on big stadium and this, i don’t know which is more awesome


Yo, when was this stream done?


Here’re the videos of the Nuki special event that happened back in February featuring East Japan vs Central/West Japan in a best 2/3 team battles.

I’m sure some of you might have watched them on niconico but there is no player names on screen so it’s hard to follow.

With Brendan’s help (and kuroppi), we now have annotations for the player names.
You just need to turn on english closed caption [CC button at the bottom right]

Brendan also contributed a lot of manual annotations in the match database

He spent a lot of time I’m sure you all will appreciate.


SSF2T GGPO Casuals djfrijoles (Ken, T.Hawk, Zangief) vs. yito2k (Dhalsim)


SSF2T GGPO Casuals DGV (Ryu) vs. HYDLIDE (Dhalsim)


A wild mysterious fighter appears! (thanks to delatroy for the tips)


SSF2T GGPO Casuals Afro Legends (DeeJay) vs. Ganelon (Claw)


Here is the new video from Kouhatsu.


Can anyone link the video with the o.Honda player tearing shit up?


Just YouTube any Shogatsu video. :wink:


Not really ST, but interesting, anyway. It is impressive how the western world has been given crap versions of SF since forever:


nonstop ST action this weekend

first up, of course we have ST games at EVO

PST 10am - closing
friday - char lock, ratio tournaments
saturday - 3v3 team, free for all tournaments

Also another hazi cup on ggpo this saturday, this time they are doing their own RATIO tournament

Ratio 4 Balrog, Dhalsim, Chun-Li, Bison, S Sagat
Ratio 3 Liu, Dee Jay, S Liu, S Ken, S Dhalsim, S Balrog
Ratio 2 Ken, Guile, Vega, Honda, Feiron, Blanca, S Feiron, Bison S, S Honda, S Hawke, S Giles, S Chun-Li
Ratio 1 Sagat, Cammy, Hawk, Zangi, S Cammy, S Blanca, Dee Jay S, S Vega, S Zangi

Saturday 8pm JST 8am EST 5am PDT


Gief vs Hawk FT10
I think it got lopsided due to Toutanki being too good and both Gief players messing up from 25% to 50% their SPD attemps - and most FAB ones. Still interesting to check some nice techniques. Some instant overhead tricks were pretty nice.


That was an awesome set. Aoki Cyclone with the nice quick dizzies, but then fucks up the FAB. Dude no! lol Even I never miss an empty jump into FAB on a dizzy player, and I never use Gief in ST. That’s just Grappler 101 (prolly something wrong with the stick).

Some nice ticks from Shin’s Hawk I haven’t seen before, jumping Strong splash, neutral Jab, Typhoon, and that blocked jumping Fierce into Super Typhoon is too good.


The Gief players were doing too much mistakes that I got a little irritated, how am I supposed to cheer for then if they get T.hawk dizzied and do nothing lol.
Anyway, everyone makes mistakes, if i played against him i would probably be perfected most of the time lol. Also not even Pony does really well against Toutanki, i already was suspecting that toutanki would have destroyed both of them.



Lots of MAO casuals against players such as KKY and Shogatsu. At 0:57, Otochun steps in.


19th Ko-hatsu Super Street Fighter II X GMC tournament
Date: 2013-07-28
Rules: 1 player, 3 on 3 characters, Akuma banned.
8 entrants: Otochun, KKY, Gunze, Matsu, J and C, Kachu, Emon and JK.

Three different characters per match.

Video (only one station was streamed):


Character order in the link:
bracket 1: Matsu
bracket 2: Emon
bracket 3: KKY
bracket 4: Kachu
bracket 5: Matsu
bracket 6: Gunze
bracket 7: J and C
bracket 8: J K

Final results:

  1. Otochun
  2. Gunze
  3. KKY, J and C
  4. rest

Winners picture: link[/details]



Yuuvega is a genius. Always impresses the audience.