The ST match vids + discussion thread


Thanks for the feedback, I’ll keep those things in mind. The jumping issue in particular is a bad habit that I’ll try to get rid of. =p

Also, I actually do enjoy zoning quite a bit, to the point that I actually switched mains in two other games to zoners after having so much fun with O.Sagat this tournament. :smiley: A lot of the wakeup-pressure I did was because I predicted people would try (and fail) to reversal DP. Still, I guess dabbling in N.Sagat also could be worth a try. =)


For all intents and purposes, O.Sagat is just demonstrably better than N.Sagat. O.Sagat can also pressure opponents on wakeup with safe jumps, high/low mixups, not to mention a vastly superior st.short. A safe jump j.short, st.short can be hit confirmed into any combo of your choice, along with the fact that st.short x fireball is a great tool to push your opponent back in case they do jump in.

Of course, a simple cr.forward on their wakeup is good as well. If they try to reversal and fail, they’ll get hit, so you can link it into another cr.forward x tiger shot or tiger knee. Lots of options if you choose to play more aggressively up close.

N.Sagat’s fun to play because you have to rely much more on smart footsies than just raw zoning and damage, but that being said, there’s really no inherent advantage in playing N.Sagat besides having a super that can go through fireballs.


On that note, it’d be great to watch eltrouble’s recent tutorial on O.Gat if you haven’t seen it -

And it’s good that you’ve brought up st.short. Watching John Choi matches, you can see how it can be used to great effect to help with O.Sagat’s space control and closer-range poking. A great option to add to your gameplay instead of relying mostly on cr.RH or Uppercut.


St.short is a ridiculously good normal. It comes out fast, hits low on most characters, it’s 2 hits and both of them can be special cancelled, arguably the farthest range of any light attack in the game (not counting dhalsim).


Hahah, I actually stumbled over that tutorial last week purely by accident. Thanks for making that, I learned quite a bit from it.

(please make more of them, it was great)


You should play N.Gat he’s got a crossup BARF


Will do. Honestly, not sure what other tutorials I can cover. I don’t have enough players who can cover the entire cast, and I can only play/teach about half the roster to a basic level. I’ll have to cover Dhalsim at some point (my main character), but there’s quite a lot to go over.


GGPO matchs


This channel has lots of East/West team matches and tournaments:

According to Google Translate, it’s from Sanseibu Johoku shop in Hamamatsu City.


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Watts eltrouble

I emulated my old guile off mike Watson best Guile in US imo too awesome probably closest to how tomo played guile


That was a fun fight. At the time, I didn’t really have any practice against Guile players. So even though it’s a really good fight for Sim, Watson made it a lot tougher than most would think. He’s easily the best Guile player I’ve ever fought in that matchup, and most definitely the best old-school Guile.


Some great matches in there.


Small free Toronto ST tourney last weekend, mix of older and new players.

1.dogberry (O.Hawk, Sim?)
2.Unessential (Chun, Cammy)
3.luckyjim (O.Honda)
4.Enzo (DeeJay) and Hopper (O.Ryu, O.Ken)
6.Osman (Guile) and Aaron (N.Sagat)


Nagase Autobahn ranking battle.

Date: 2014/12/14

Gunze and Otochun


  1. First lap
    Nan (X.Ken), Danjiri (X.Dhalsim), Matsuo (X.Guile), J (X.Hawk), Wani! K (X.Honda), Shogatsu (X.Honda), Taka (X.Honda), Aniken (X.Boxer), Batayan (X.Guile), Teppei (X.Guile), Gunze (X.Zangief), otochun (X.Chun), Shigaken (X.Ken), Murasaki Vega (X.Dictator), Kusumondo (X.Honda)

  2. 2nd lap
    Kusumondo (X.Honda), Aniken (X.Ken), Wani! K (X.Honda), Shogatsu (S.Honda), Matsuo (X.Guile), Nan (X.Ken), Teppei (X.Guile), Gunze (X.Zangief), Batayan (X.Guile), Shigaken (X.Ryu), Taka (X.Ken), Otochun (X.Ryu), Danjiri (X.Dhalsim), J (X.Zangief), Mayakon (X.Hawk)


Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

Nico Redirector

Most sincere thanks to Shogatsu for posting this.


I’ve put it on youtube, private issue should be fixed now.


^^ That video is private.


Nagase Autobahn Tournament Ranking Battle 2015/01/18

Several players from Chubu came to Osaka for this event. In addition to it, Mattsun, from the Mikado arcade, paid a visit.


Everyone plays once, winner stays. After everyone has played once, they can try again. The ordem is randomly sorted, I believe. The player with the longest win streak is the champion.


First round: Saito (Zangief), Katano (Fei Long), Kusa (E. Honda), Murasaki Vega (Dictator), Aniken (Ken), J (Zangief), AFO (Blanka), Tsumura (Fei Long), Yondaime (Sagat), MAO (Claw), Wani! K (E. Honda), The Superstar (Boxer), Hanabi (Zangief), SIN (E. Honda), Mattsun (Ken), Mori (Ryu), KKY (Dhalsim), Kenta-kobe (E. Honda), malure (Chun Li), Otochun (Chun Li), Maru (Ryu), Yomiaido (Ryu), Teppei (Guile), Edo (Chun Li), Shigaken (Ken), Akashachihoko Kancho (Blanka), Batayan (Guile), Gunze (Zangief), Yotsumoto (Ken), Opemai (Claw), Shogatsu (E. Honda), Matsuo (Guile).

Second round: Murasaki Vega (Dictator), Opemai (Claw), MAO (Claw), Aniken (Ken), Katano (Fei Long), AFO (Blanka), SIN (Boxer), Mattsun (Ken), Yondaime (Sagat), KKY (Dhalsim), The Superstar (Boxer), Kenta-kobe (Claw), J (T. Hawk), Hanabi (Dee Jay), Shogatsu (Old E. Honda), Yomiaido (Ryu), Tsumura (T. Hawk), Shigaken (Ken), Edo (Chun Li), Saito (Zangief), Wani! K (E. Honda), Mori (Bison), Akashachihoko Kancho (Claw), malure (Chun Li), Gunze (Zangief), Yotsumoto (Ken), Kusa (E. Honda), Otochun (Chun Li), Batayan (Guile), Teppei (Guile), Maru (Ryu), Matsuo (Guile).


For now, only Nico*:

*Blanka player Nekohashi confirmed the year is actually 2015, not 2014, as in the links. Thanks Nekohashi!

Nico Redirector, if needed

Shogatsu should upload them to Youtube here:
Notice how he eventually uploaded a version of the previous ranbat with English captions.

Thanks to Nagata Shogatsu for uploading the videos, and Aniken for retwitting.



i wanna learn sim but im not very good.

give me some tips on obvious shit im doing wrong


Well, you’re playing against a decent Ryu for one. All I really noticed is that you were using head drills instead of kick drills a lot (never use head drills, worse hitboxes) and that opposing Ryu player caught you a lot with sweeps/meaties as you wake up. I don’t know what you’re trying to do there but you should be doing nothing but holding down-back after coming out of a knockdown against a close enemy.


Toronto Northern Battles ST Top 3- 4:31:00