The ST match vids + discussion thread


Im looking for another DL site that I can get the Aniken V Diago matches from.

My pc crashed that had them and I had not backed them up. PLEASE HELP!!


I have them !

Bob… I have all the matchs on my personal pc. If you can’t find them, let me know. I can burn them to a cd/dvd and mail them your way. Or, I can send them to you via MSN. Let me know. :tup:


Diago Vs. Anti-Ken vid’s.

I did this for the CigarBob. :wgrin:

This is the link to the Diago Vs. Anti-Ken vid’s.

I think there are 17 (maybe 19) matches.

There is some serious SF happening in these videos. :karate:

I’ll leave them up for you all, until I remember to take them down. :wink:


I added the evo 2k5 vids to my youtube

Have fun.


wtf, fei long won a tourney? (OMG, check out the fei long rape at round 2)


First 13 parts of Xmania 5 uploaded. I am ripping the second disc right now. I should have it done this weekend.


noguchi is SICK


I was wondering if anyone could id the Guile player in this match, [media=youtube]s21219jCnv0 as the same TZW who put some old SF2 combo vids? And for those interested here is my ST channel:[/media]


In part 7 of those vids CigarBob just uploaded, I think you can see an example of that odd extra-large vulnerability box in the recovery of T.Hawk’s crouching strong that NKI featured in his last video. Around 00:41-00:42, T. Hawk gets hit by a jab during the recovery of his crouching strong from more than half a screen away.

Great videos, thanks for sharing, CigarBob.


Since I was looking of the X mania 5 vids tons ago, is there a way to save the vids from youtube? The first 13 vids should be the ones combovideos has, but I would like to dl the future others from youtube.

Any hints?


There’s a program called AVReplay which allows you to rip web streams. The demo limits you to 5MB (I believe) per download, which is actually pretty useful for stuff like match vids, music vids and such. If that doesn’t offer enough download to get the complete vids, you could of course always pay for it. But either way, this is the best utility I’ve found for ripping web streams.


You wont need to do that.

I have the 2nd DVD for Xmania 5 ripped and I just need to cut it up and get it hosted at

I should have it done by the end of the week or so.

I will post here when it is finished.


Thx for the infos :wgrin:


Just stumbled across another useful utility for ripping youtube streams and such: vdownloader. Just did some quick tests, and I couldn’t get .avi ripping to work, but .mpg ripping works like a charm. I just found me a replacement for the demo version of AVReplay I’ve been using. :smiley:


Cigarbob :

Any news of the rest of the X-mania V videos ? I’ve been waiting for these since the first time you released the first part, but I believe you had a problem with your hd back then…


Yes, that’s him. He actually enters tourneys pretty regularly.

Good stuff! :tup:


I have been working crazy hours and getting my new cab ready for EVO so I haven’t had time to cut them up.

They will be up soon though.


Xmania 5 disc 2

you can go to my youtube and view them.

As soon as I am done with the DVD I will create a Torrent or upload them to rapidshare/combovideos


awesome vids cigarbob.

Anyway someone could ID the players in these vids? I’d love to know who’s who.


You got it, brother.

Ando (O.Ryu), Akeome (Ryu), Nia (EH)
Kusumondo (EH), KomodaBlanka, Mayakon (TH)

Hakase (Sim), Ichidal (DJ), Holy Scarlet Bal (Claw)
ARG (Claw), Sawada (Cammy), K Maru (Sim)

LL Cool Muteki (Guile), Inro (OChun), Chimuchimu[Chamu] (Chun)
Otochun, YuuVega (Dic), Tsuji (Box)

Tencho (Ryu), Oku (Chun), Toutanki (TH)
Kunyara[Kuni?] (Gief), V.Y. (O.EH), KKY (Sim)

BTW – V.Y. is a foreign player. From Taiwan I guess. Pretty neat.

Noguchi (Fei), Yoshimura (Sim), MoreVega (Dictator)
Ocha (Guile), Momo (Ken), Jenety (Chun)

Onucho (Dictator), Kikai (Guile), Pyonkichi (Sagat)

Hmm… nickname posse might be Mattsun (Ken), Tsunoppi (Guile) and Pony (Gief)

Ashitana (O.Ryu), USA (Box), Koike (Blanka)
Mi (O.Ken), Prince (Ryu), Kashiwagi

I mentioned Ashitana and his fondness for the jumping RH in the X7 thread; he lands one of the best ones ever here @ around 0:23. That guy is all class.