The ST match vids + discussion thread


There’s a program called AVReplay which allows you to rip web streams. The demo limits you to 5MB (I believe) per download, which is actually pretty useful for stuff like match vids, music vids and such. If that doesn’t offer enough download to get the complete vids, you could of course always pay for it. But either way, this is the best utility I’ve found for ripping web streams.


You wont need to do that.

I have the 2nd DVD for Xmania 5 ripped and I just need to cut it up and get it hosted at

I should have it done by the end of the week or so.

I will post here when it is finished.


Thx for the infos :wgrin:


Just stumbled across another useful utility for ripping youtube streams and such: vdownloader. Just did some quick tests, and I couldn’t get .avi ripping to work, but .mpg ripping works like a charm. I just found me a replacement for the demo version of AVReplay I’ve been using. :smiley:


Cigarbob :

Any news of the rest of the X-mania V videos ? I’ve been waiting for these since the first time you released the first part, but I believe you had a problem with your hd back then…


Yes, that’s him. He actually enters tourneys pretty regularly.

Good stuff! :tup:


I have been working crazy hours and getting my new cab ready for EVO so I haven’t had time to cut them up.

They will be up soon though.


Xmania 5 disc 2

you can go to my youtube and view them.

As soon as I am done with the DVD I will create a Torrent or upload them to rapidshare/combovideos


awesome vids cigarbob.

Anyway someone could ID the players in these vids? I’d love to know who’s who.


You got it, brother.

Ando (O.Ryu), Akeome (Ryu), Nia (EH)
Kusumondo (EH), KomodaBlanka, Mayakon (TH)

Hakase (Sim), Ichidal (DJ), Holy Scarlet Bal (Claw)
ARG (Claw), Sawada (Cammy), K Maru (Sim)

LL Cool Muteki (Guile), Inro (OChun), Chimuchimu[Chamu] (Chun)
Otochun, YuuVega (Dic), Tsuji (Box)

Tencho (Ryu), Oku (Chun), Toutanki (TH)
Kunyara[Kuni?] (Gief), V.Y. (O.EH), KKY (Sim)

BTW – V.Y. is a foreign player. From Taiwan I guess. Pretty neat.

Noguchi (Fei), Yoshimura (Sim), MoreVega (Dictator)
Ocha (Guile), Momo (Ken), Jenety (Chun)

Onucho (Dictator), Kikai (Guile), Pyonkichi (Sagat)

Hmm… nickname posse might be Mattsun (Ken), Tsunoppi (Guile) and Pony (Gief)

Ashitana (O.Ryu), USA (Box), Koike (Blanka)
Mi (O.Ken), Prince (Ryu), Kashiwagi

I mentioned Ashitana and his fondness for the jumping RH in the X7 thread; he lands one of the best ones ever here @ around 0:23. That guy is all class.


Thanks CigarBob :tup:


nohoho: could you identify the players in CigarBob’s new batch of Xmania vids? parts 21-30?


Macky7 (Box), yuu (Guile), Gunze (Gief)
Yocchan (TH), UshiDhal, ASTEKA (Bla)

Hakase (Sim), Ichidal (DJ), Holy Scarlet Bal (Claw)
Kusumondo (EH), KomodaBlanka, Mayakon (TH)

Tencho (Ryu), Oku (Chun), Toutanki (TH)
Otochun, YuuVega (Dic), Tsuji (Box)

This is the B block finals. Otochun’s team wins… but Tencho’s team moves on to the finals? Wait does Toutanki beat Tsuji? I’m buggin’. hehe Too many videos!!

Probably: Mattsun (Ken), Tsunoppi (Guile) and Pony (Gief)
Noguchi (Fei), Yoshimura (Sim), MoreVega (Dictator)

Ashitana (O.Ryu), USA (Box), Koike (Blanka)
Macky7 (Box), yuu (Guile), Gunze (Gief)

p26 on
Finals block with:
Ashitana (O.Ryu), USA (Box), Koike (Blanka)
Noguchi (Fei), Yoshimura (Sim), MoreVega (Dictator)
Tencho (Ryu), Oku (Chun), Toutanki (TH)
Kusumondo (EH), KomodaBlanka, Mayakon (TH)


what the hell is wrong with dhalsim’s teleport? in x mania 5 d2-15 file, round the 5 minute mark. i’ve seen this happen before in the same match up(t hawk vs dhalsim), and its pretty disgusting to watch. is there a way to NOT reversal teleport in the same position? if not, i would say that’s extremely game breaking


Yeah, it’s a glitch. You can’t control the direction of a reversal teleport.


Sup guys… I am having trouble finding OG Ken matches on youtube/in general.

Anybody got some that’s more than that Ankdy vs Kita (or whatever) matches? Oh and the Valle evo 06 stuff. If not, are there any notable OGKen players?

It seems like he’s fallen out of favor with the passing of time… used to be considered one of the best. I want to revive him locally if possible. =)



I posted a handful of old movies on my broke-down putfile page. Mostly X-Mania 1.

Don’t know who all the players are but Aniken wailing on some team (EDIT: nvm) is a gem. God mix-up! Also Team Kawachikko ie: Komoda Mayakon Kusumondo were in action that year, too. I have some more of them I hope to post soon.

Update: Couple more still… including a vid featuring Kurohyou – female claw player.


Meh…Dhalsim’s like the best character in the game any ways. He needs at least a few things against him.


great stuff, but can u upload a format which I can download to my computer?



Thanks nohoho!