The ST match vids + discussion thread


what the hell is wrong with dhalsim’s teleport? in x mania 5 d2-15 file, round the 5 minute mark. i’ve seen this happen before in the same match up(t hawk vs dhalsim), and its pretty disgusting to watch. is there a way to NOT reversal teleport in the same position? if not, i would say that’s extremely game breaking


Yeah, it’s a glitch. You can’t control the direction of a reversal teleport.


Sup guys… I am having trouble finding OG Ken matches on youtube/in general.

Anybody got some that’s more than that Ankdy vs Kita (or whatever) matches? Oh and the Valle evo 06 stuff. If not, are there any notable OGKen players?

It seems like he’s fallen out of favor with the passing of time… used to be considered one of the best. I want to revive him locally if possible. =)



I posted a handful of old movies on my broke-down putfile page. Mostly X-Mania 1.

Don’t know who all the players are but Aniken wailing on some team (EDIT: nvm) is a gem. God mix-up! Also Team Kawachikko ie: Komoda Mayakon Kusumondo were in action that year, too. I have some more of them I hope to post soon.

Update: Couple more still… including a vid featuring Kurohyou – female claw player.


Meh…Dhalsim’s like the best character in the game any ways. He needs at least a few things against him.


great stuff, but can u upload a format which I can download to my computer?



Thanks nohoho!


From another thread:

I meant to ask this earlier, as I haven’t seen the games and was just curious, but what is he doing at the round starts that’s scaring his opponents so much? Just something like jumping a fireball using anticipation or lightning reflexes and opening the round up with a big combo like j.fierce, c.forward XX Ball?


EDIT: edit


Well, Komoda’s round-start antics are simply mysterious. There’s no damn reason The SuperStar boxer should crouch for a minute and then block a Blanka jump in as the round begins. That’s just Komoda Magic.

Having said that, one of the most important concepts in fighting games is something I like to think of in terms of CPU load. A better player will have a clearer head and be more able to focus on the most important shit at any given moment.

The seed for this idea was something Chensor discussed a long-ass time ago during SFA2 days. If you were using Zangief in that game, you wanted to jump in, right, but you first needed to get your opponent to focus on the ground game. With standing medium kicks and crouching fierces? This principle works in any fighting game with any characters.

I use Blanka, right, and there are a couple Ryu players here in New York that just have my number. Now, even though I’m getting beat, I’m aware enough to see that they’re clearly running at “lower CPU load” than me. Like:

nohoho: X = footsie, jump ins, trickery, bites, etc.

flashg: X = st, O = should I have a turkey sandwich for dinner?

So that sucks. Heh. But there are plenty of Ryu players that I can wail on:

nohoho: X = footsie, hops, etc. O = did this fucker use akuma against me last week? should I have a turkey sandwich for dinner? etc. hehe

ryu player: X = footsie, not getting bitten, fireballs, not getting bitten <- no room for DPs

In the first case I’m not jumping in cold and not getting DPed in a million years. In the latter case I can jump at dude and he’ll just block it because his mental shit is in the red.

Komoda, as one of the top of the top Kansai players, probably winds up in the latter situation even against A-class opponents. So that might explain some of the stuff he gets away with?

(FWIW, I think this cognitive psych stuff is a big part of what makes players like Justin and Daigo so dangerous. They got their mental game really streamlined. Plenty of CPU power to spare, as it were.)

There’s a case in point today @ mikado:
In the sagat-cammy fight (fifth file down) the cammy player blocks a couple of jump ins because he’s thinking about other stuff (sandwiches!) Great finish in that match. Players for these vids listed on ze blog.


Very interesting post! That theory is a good read. I’ve noticed in my own games that I sometimes miss anti-air Thrust Kicks just because I’m not even thinking about using it.

Oh, and those Mikado videos are golden, like always. I’d never seen Shacho (purple Cammy in game 2) play before, but he’s great with the Cannon Drill and rocked the crossup so well that his mixups looked like something out of the Versus series of games, haha. Toutanki was also as amazing as usual.


Speaking of the recently mentioned Mikado vids, why is Kurahashi playing Ryu rather than Guile, or does he only play Guile at major ST tournies or has the unthinkable happened and he has switched mains? Anyone know whats up?


He plays Ryu well enough, so I guess he just has fun with a different character from his main. In all the major tournaments he uses Guile. Smaller tourneys he might switch around.



Kurahashi has an extremely dangerous and efficient ken as well that is easily on par with the best.


Those of us that are exposed to ST only as movie hounds don’t get to see much sub character action. Footage of Tama’s Chun or Pony’s Hawk (at master secret cup, I think) are rare gems. Stuff like Kurahashi Ken (!) or Mayakon Guile doesn’t seem to make it to the net.

Speaking of that, there should be some vids from a recent Mikado solo 2on coming soon. Noguchi Fei/O.Sagat (<- standing in for CE sagat to practice for SBO, I guess) Also Taira Dictator/New Sagat, hopefully Mattsun Ken/Cammy.


Anyone got the vids from EVO east? I’d love to see those.


No you wouldn’t…those matches were UGLY…:confused:


but your matches were beautiful right?


Worst matches I’ve ever played in my life. :sad: