The ST match vids + discussion thread


but your matches were beautiful right?


Worst matches I’ve ever played in my life. :sad:







Mayakon Vs Komoda AKA= NEVER GIVE UP :D:D


Does anyone know how Taira pulled off this trick against KKY’s Sim in this video [media=youtube]1GXZezg7mWk[/media] at 3:25? He practically walked forward like Chun with a stored super.


After completing the super motion on the joystick, you actually have 11 frames to hit the button, so you can take a noticeable step forward before doing the super. I’ve also seen Tama do it with Boxer’s super after low Jabs. (They do it to fake out the opponent…make 'em think a throw is coming.)


Ah now I understand, figured it was some technical issue to do with the inputs, makes for a pretty evil fake. Is this info already mentioned in the wiki, or T.Akiba’s site?


The 11 frames is mentioned in T.Akiba’s site. The tactic is not on either (I scanned over both); and is a usefull tactic. Thanks NKI :wgrin:


Can anyone post this players names?

[media=youtube]fKbFKG94qQU[/media] Ryu Vs Guile

[media=youtube]7LjA63OvPDw[/media] Ryu Vs Chun

[media=youtube]JurCQcwigVU[/media] Guile Vs Gief

[media=youtube]1ra4hDeFmZU[/media] Gief Vs Chun



geif = unipon
chun= onoe
ryu= san

I can’t read the guile one, sorry.


Guile = Kankin


TONS of new vids on youtube…

GOGOGOGOGO!!! They are HOT!!


Heh, I was just about to plug that youtube account over here. Thanks go to tianyuan for helping me upload those.

Well I posted links to the GMC vids a couple years ago here on SRK.

Yes! hehe. Said GMC vids are worth watching again. Fuckin’ A! Doesn’t get any hotter.

BTW: where there’s a capital G next to a players name on the x-mania 1 vids that means I wasn’t 100% sure if it was them or not.



Worst version of ST. EVER!


I like How Blanka at the end ate all those throws. I woulda killed myself at the end of the match if that happened to me.

LOL, Is Ken doing an aerial psycho crusher when he jumps? And I love how Zangeif like magically throws them, and his k 360 throw.


Anybody got OG Sim besides the Shirts matchups? (Or, more Shirts matchups!? That’d be great too)

I love seeing New Sim, but there are things he does and things OG Sim does that are quite a bit different. Watching new sim vids doesn’t really help out that much, considering I only have one kick drill and the mummy.


I uploaded a couple X-Mania 3 videos.

#24 - very fierce Ryu action. (could be Umechin, I’m afraid I don’t know who’s who)
I’ll post more later. My upload is shit. ;_;


Good Shiz. Thanks.


Might’ve been Pony vs. Umechin …
That second round was delicious. :wgrin:


hst matches at mikado i think