The ST match vids + discussion thread


Oh man, I just had some horrible flashbacks of More, losing to nothing but Wall Dives and Chickenwings…:sad:


:rofl: :rofl:

do you know where can i get some more footage of him? especially his vega. :badboy:

and do you know where can i find vids of ARG’s vega?


This is not enough wall dives.[/sarcasm]


Couldn’t even watch the whole thing.


Link doesn’t work. :sad:


I can get to the site, but I can’t extract anything out of the .ZIP files because my system isn’t configured for Japanese text, so it trips over itself when it tries to do anything that involves it.


damn, blanka is the truth.


bumped into this one
funny stuff is it was made on 3DO and in 1996
i love it


Anyone else get flashbacks of the Gradius II and III intros from the first part of that movie? :stuck_out_tongue:

All the characters’ voices are too high… sounds like they’ve inhaled helium. And some of the sound effects sound different… particularly the medium punch one,


Good stuff. Also good to see that I’m not the only 'Sim who has a bit of trouble with mass chicken winging.
Gian should’ve just kept sliding instead of trying to throw.


i’m surprised there werent any o. sagats. like vega, he has some braindead tactics but still, sim kills everyone in the end of the day.

ryu, guile and sim seems to be the most popular characters in japan.

right now, i’m not too sure is bison even top tier. he gets locked down really easily and has no reversal against most stuff in the game.

fei vs bison seems to be a fun match. i wonder who comes out on top tho. fei has an invincible anti air thats safe even when blocked and can lock bison down with chickenwing kicks but bison has slightly longer pokes and a much bigger throw range. i think bison edges fei out by a bit.


O. Sagat is soft banned in Japan, which basically means you can use him, but you’re gonna get the evil eye from everyone in the arcade.
Choi said when he visited that they don’t use him, because they think he’s too easy/basic/boring.


that i know and i find that really weird since vega is not softbanned.

Well maybe he is but hes still used, just not as much as other characters tho and like NKI said, japan have some of the cheapest players in the world.


Good stuff nohoho. :tup:


He’s posted some good Otochun matches vs. quality Boxers.


Im looking for another DL site that I can get the Aniken V Diago matches from.

My pc crashed that had them and I had not backed them up. PLEASE HELP!!


I have them !

Bob… I have all the matchs on my personal pc. If you can’t find them, let me know. I can burn them to a cd/dvd and mail them your way. Or, I can send them to you via MSN. Let me know. :tup:


Diago Vs. Anti-Ken vid’s.

I did this for the CigarBob. :wgrin:

This is the link to the Diago Vs. Anti-Ken vid’s.

I think there are 17 (maybe 19) matches.

There is some serious SF happening in these videos. :karate:

I’ll leave them up for you all, until I remember to take them down. :wink:


I added the evo 2k5 vids to my youtube

Have fun.


wtf, fei long won a tourney? (OMG, check out the fei long rape at round 2)