The ST match vids + discussion thread


SSF2T GGPO Casuals - wolmar (Honda, Dhalsim) vs. EVD (Ken)


SSF2T GGPO Casuals - hyoubals_deep (Claw) vs. Old Mastah (O.Ryu)


SSF2T GGPO Casuals - djfrijoles (T.Hawk) vs. Old Mastah (O.Ryu)


djf plays such a nasty hawk , lol :0


Anyone have the video of I think it’s either TechMonkey or @Nohono, mashing out of Blanka’s throw BEFORE he takes his first bite? I think it was like a 10-second clip or something, and at the end, he’s like, “I told you I could do it”

I asked @Kuroppi, and he thought it was on DSP’s channel, but neither of us could find it.

EDIT, got it.

50 seconds.


Strangely enough, I’ve only seen this happen during Blanka’s bite. I’ve never successfully done this versus other character’s mash throws, such as Ken, Gief, Sim, Honda, etc… I wonder if it’s a bug, or if Blanka’s bite patterns are much more predictable, and thus easier to mash out of early on?


I’ve seen it done to escape sim’s nuggie a few times on Mikado, etc. Papasi maybe can provide examples in videos from his shenanigans archive.

Anyone know how it works? Just mash incredibly hard or is there some other way?


No, not just blanka. Actually gief is the easiest to escape. Gief’s hold has the less hits.
The technique is to mash as soon as you know you’ll get grabbed.
Actually you don’t even need to be dizzy to escape holds without hits provided that you mess earlier and hard enough. I have seen it before.


It worked for me against Blanka by mashing opposite corners of the stick while pianoing all the punches and kicks. It’s easier for me to mash between up-left to down-right, over and over again, while sliding my fingers back and forth across all the buttons. If there’s a more exact way to do it, I’ve never heard of it. Throw loops are a bit of a mystery in ST.




SSF2T GGPO Casuals - KENTA-KOBE (Honda, Claw) vs. hazi (DeeJay)


SSF2T GGPO Casuals - wolmar (Dhalsim) vs. Milanea (E.Honda)


SSF2T GGPO Casuals - Oldyassine (Boxer) vs. Kouni (Ryu)


**SSF2T GGPO Casuals - Oldyassine (Boxer) vs. yito2k (Dhalsim) **



Tips from kuroppi

Thunder Beast Cup 4 is streaming now!

edit: posted in the wrong thread (st good games)


Congratulations to AFO (Blanka), Fujimon (Dee Jay), Futachan (Ryu) for winning Thunder Beast Cup!

23 teams / 69 entrants


Damn! I can’t find the stream archive! I hope this got recorded somehow. Other events were awesome.


Unfortunately, as usual with Japanese tournaments, the stream archive was removed. If it pops up on NicoNico, I’ll post it here.


Good news! The Thunder Beast Cup footage has been uploaded to YouTube!