The ST match vids + discussion thread


SSF2T GGPO Casuals - POS (Guile) vs stella0415 (Ryu)


SSF2T GGPO Casuals - Orogasm (O.Ken, Ryu, O.Ryu) vs CUPNOODLE (Sagat)


SSF2T GGPO Casuals - blue3 (Ryu) vs shun joker (Ryu)


SSF2T GGPO Casuals - RGB_Loc (Ryu, Ken) vs hazi (DeeJay)


SSF2T GGPO Casuals - osaka-pizza (Ryu) vs stella0415 (Ryu)


Northwest ST Majors tournament june 2013 TOP 3

ST Playeh, hypenated, Jason cole

Shout out to my boy STP for winning it with zero practice all year long very rusty


North West majors Super Turbo june 2013 Ratio tourney top 4

ST Playeh, hypenated, Jason cole


**SSF2T GGPO Casuals - Gizzle (Boxer) vs stella0415 (Ryu)


SSF2T GGPO Casuals - shun joker (Ryu) vs NeoRay (T.Hawk)


Cammy owning is always something impressive under strong competition:


WTF, he beat Abebin Honda and Aze Guile, impressive.


Heres a tournament from last night at Arcade UFO. :slight_smile:

FYI, I played the red Chun Li. Ive only been playing ST casually for half a year. I actually practiced with Ken and O. Ken this week, but I went with Chun Li because I was nervous. I totally break down in my second match, but I did good in my first match. Last tournament Fubarduck and I played each other first also, and I did way better this time around.


In case yall missed the epic showdown of last night. Here’s -Yito2k- vs Jodim.


I’m glad you showed up in an offline setting and gave it a shot. Tourneys can be pretty intimidating for ST, but I think as long as you relax, enjoy yourself, and get to know your fellow players, it becomes a lot easier to enjoy going to events like these.


Archive from yesterday’s Retro Runback:

ST starts at 5:50:00. A bunch of new and old ST players :slight_smile:


Superstar Cup Gaiden
Gotoh, Ito, Futachan, Ta.tsumaki, Yondaime, Fujimon, MaoMao (didn’t look like MAO, but uses Claw, alternate name in brackets) and others




SSF2T GGPO Casuals - Gizzle (Boxer) vs Jodim (Zangief)


SSF2T GGPO FT10! EVD (Ken) vs MysteriousFighter (Ken)


SSF2T GGPO Casuals - Jodim (Zangief) vs hazi (DeeJay)