The ST match vids + discussion thread


SSF2T GGPO Casuals - orf (Ryu) vs yito2k (Dhalsim)


SSF2T GGPO Casuals - Hyphenated (FeiLong) vs. P.S.R (ChunLi)


The Superstar Cup Gaiden
Carnival Eve
Space Shuttle Shiogama

Stream archive:

Edit: this was a 2vs2 tournament


SSF2T GGPO Casuals - osaka-pizza (Ryu) vs wanpaman (Ryu, Ken)


SSF2T GGPO Casuals - balcork (FeiLong) vs. orf (O.Ken, O.Ryu, Ryu)


Any idea who the Zangief player is at 2:58:00? is that Gunze, perhaps? Just want to look up some match videos of him. Rarely see a Zangief player play so solid against Shogatsu, as the matchup seems pretty bad.


SSF2T GGPO Casuals - shun joker (Boxer) vs stella0415 (Ryu)


I couldn’t find a Zangief player at that timestamp. Anyway, Gunze is the guy to the left in this pic:

There should be lots of pics of him in the ko-hatsu arcade webpage, too.


Apparently, according to Japanese ST guys, Gunze is one of the weirdest dudes on the planet. I believe it. Those creeper eyes.


Thanks, I think that’s him… I just realized I was looking at a different archive video but I think it’s the same event?

yeah, haha… I love his pic on ST Revival.


SSF2T GGPO Casuals - Oldyassine (Boxer) vs. Zagi (ChunLi)


Noguchi O.Gat <3


SSF2T GGPO FT10! osaka-pizza (Ken) vs EVD (Ken)


SSF2T GGPO Casuals - Biollo (Dhalsim) vs. FortEuropa (Dic)


SSF2T GGPO Casuals - MysteriousFighter (Ryu) vs. P.S.R (ChunLi)


SSF2T GGPO Casuals - MysteriousFighter (Ryu) vs. P.S.R (ChunLi)


This was the next day. The preliminaries eventually led to this (thanks to Aniken for the image and link):

Edit: it might be interesting for western audiences to see them playing in western-style rules, with counter-pick allowed and different characters allowed in different stages.


SSF2T GGPO Casuals - FortEuropa (Dic) vs. orf (Ryu, O.Ken, O.Ryu)


SSF2T GGPO Casuals - yasumaru2008 (Guile) vs. hazi (DeeJay)


SSF2T GGPO Casuals - delatroy (Dhalsim) vs Aerorockman (Guile)