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SSF2T GGPO Casuals - endy22 (Ryu, T.Hawk) vs. Biollo (Dhalsim, Blanka, E.Honda)


SSF2T GGPO Casuals - P.S.R (ChunLi) vs. Jodim (Zangief)


Alright, allow me to organize this better.
The Super Star Cup GAIDEN
Main Battle

Date: Feb 22nd, 2014
Place: Space Shuttle Shiogama

Entrants: Otochun, Tamashima, YuuVega, ARG, Futachan, Fujimon, M.B, Aniken, Ito, Shogatsu, Muteki, Noguchi, MAO, Tsuji, Sasori, ShootingD, Komoda, AFO, Superstar, Gotoh, Gunze, AFO, Shigaken, Opemai, Kotaka Shooten, Batayan, Chojin, Koedo, Yuzuru, etc.

Streaming archive



Too many matches: maybe later. If someone knows Japanese, please check (and take notes) the archive at 1:36:30 (beginning) and 1:49:00 (finished), for the full brackets.

Results format:
1 P1 P1xP2 P1xP3 P1xP4
2 P2 P2xP1 P2xP3 P2xP4
3 P3 P3xP1 P3xP2 P3xP4
4 P4 P4xP1 P4xP2 P4xP3

1 Otochun 3x1 3x2 2x3
2 Tamashima 1x3 3x2 3x0
3 YuuVega 2x3 2x3 3x1
4 ARG 3x2 0x3 1x3

1 Futachan 3x1 3x1 2x3
2 Fujimon 1x3 3x1 3x0
3 M.B. 1x3 1x3 3x1
4 Aniken 3x2 0x3 1x3

1 Ito 3x1 3x2 3x1
2 Shogatsu 2x3 3x2 3x1
3 Muteki 2x3 2x3 3x2
4 Noguchi 1x3 1x3 2x3

1 MAO 2x3 3x1 3x2
2 Tsuji 3x2 3x2 1x3
3 Sasori 1x3 2x3 3x1
4 ShootingD 2x3 3x1 1x3

*First 2 players advance to the final brackets

Futachan 3x0 Tamashima
Fujimon 1x3 Tsuji
MAO 3x2 Shogatsu
Otochun 3x0 Ito

Tsuji 0x3 MAO
Otochun 3x0 Futachan

Otochun 3x2 MAO


Trophy: Trophy:

Thanks to Aniken for the links, James_O for bringing up the discussion, and the local crew for streaming, recording it, and using western characters alongside with kanji, which makes it so much easier for us to follow. Finally, big thanks to Superstar for sponsoring another ST event.


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SSF2T GGPO Casuals - Afro Legends (DeeJay, Boxer) vs. kenta–kobe (E.Honda, Claw)


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One of the best sets has been uploaded from GGPO


SSF2T GGPO Casuals - Afro Legends (Boxer) vs. stella0415 (Ryu)


SSF2T GGPO Casuals - Biollo (Dhalsim) vs. Zagi (ChunLi)