The ST match vids + discussion thread


Small free Toronto ST tourney last weekend, mix of older and new players.

1.dogberry (O.Hawk, Sim?)
2.Unessential (Chun, Cammy)
3.luckyjim (O.Honda)
4.Enzo (DeeJay) and Hopper (O.Ryu, O.Ken)
6.Osman (Guile) and Aaron (N.Sagat)


Nagase Autobahn ranking battle.

Date: 2014/12/14

Gunze and Otochun


  1. First lap
    Nan (X.Ken), Danjiri (X.Dhalsim), Matsuo (X.Guile), J (X.Hawk), Wani! K (X.Honda), Shogatsu (X.Honda), Taka (X.Honda), Aniken (X.Boxer), Batayan (X.Guile), Teppei (X.Guile), Gunze (X.Zangief), otochun (X.Chun), Shigaken (X.Ken), Murasaki Vega (X.Dictator), Kusumondo (X.Honda)

  2. 2nd lap
    Kusumondo (X.Honda), Aniken (X.Ken), Wani! K (X.Honda), Shogatsu (S.Honda), Matsuo (X.Guile), Nan (X.Ken), Teppei (X.Guile), Gunze (X.Zangief), Batayan (X.Guile), Shigaken (X.Ryu), Taka (X.Ken), Otochun (X.Ryu), Danjiri (X.Dhalsim), J (X.Zangief), Mayakon (X.Hawk)


Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

Nico Redirector

Most sincere thanks to Shogatsu for posting this.


I’ve put it on youtube, private issue should be fixed now.


^^ That video is private.


Nagase Autobahn Tournament Ranking Battle 2015/01/18

Several players from Chubu came to Osaka for this event. In addition to it, Mattsun, from the Mikado arcade, paid a visit.


Everyone plays once, winner stays. After everyone has played once, they can try again. The ordem is randomly sorted, I believe. The player with the longest win streak is the champion.


First round: Saito (Zangief), Katano (Fei Long), Kusa (E. Honda), Murasaki Vega (Dictator), Aniken (Ken), J (Zangief), AFO (Blanka), Tsumura (Fei Long), Yondaime (Sagat), MAO (Claw), Wani! K (E. Honda), The Superstar (Boxer), Hanabi (Zangief), SIN (E. Honda), Mattsun (Ken), Mori (Ryu), KKY (Dhalsim), Kenta-kobe (E. Honda), malure (Chun Li), Otochun (Chun Li), Maru (Ryu), Yomiaido (Ryu), Teppei (Guile), Edo (Chun Li), Shigaken (Ken), Akashachihoko Kancho (Blanka), Batayan (Guile), Gunze (Zangief), Yotsumoto (Ken), Opemai (Claw), Shogatsu (E. Honda), Matsuo (Guile).

Second round: Murasaki Vega (Dictator), Opemai (Claw), MAO (Claw), Aniken (Ken), Katano (Fei Long), AFO (Blanka), SIN (Boxer), Mattsun (Ken), Yondaime (Sagat), KKY (Dhalsim), The Superstar (Boxer), Kenta-kobe (Claw), J (T. Hawk), Hanabi (Dee Jay), Shogatsu (Old E. Honda), Yomiaido (Ryu), Tsumura (T. Hawk), Shigaken (Ken), Edo (Chun Li), Saito (Zangief), Wani! K (E. Honda), Mori (Bison), Akashachihoko Kancho (Claw), malure (Chun Li), Gunze (Zangief), Yotsumoto (Ken), Kusa (E. Honda), Otochun (Chun Li), Batayan (Guile), Teppei (Guile), Maru (Ryu), Matsuo (Guile).


For now, only Nico*:

*Blanka player Nekohashi confirmed the year is actually 2015, not 2014, as in the links. Thanks Nekohashi!

Nico Redirector, if needed

Shogatsu should upload them to Youtube here:
Notice how he eventually uploaded a version of the previous ranbat with English captions.

Thanks to Nagata Shogatsu for uploading the videos, and Aniken for retwitting.



i wanna learn sim but im not very good.

give me some tips on obvious shit im doing wrong


Well, you’re playing against a decent Ryu for one. All I really noticed is that you were using head drills instead of kick drills a lot (never use head drills, worse hitboxes) and that opposing Ryu player caught you a lot with sweeps/meaties as you wake up. I don’t know what you’re trying to do there but you should be doing nothing but holding down-back after coming out of a knockdown against a close enemy.


Toronto Northern Battles ST Top 3- 4:31:00


Re: Sim

Don’t do random fullscreen drills/don’t jump forward (if you need to move forward, walk, slide, or drill)
Block more on wakeup/be more careful when Ryu has super
Mostly use kick drills instead of punch
Try going for slide setups after throw
Save your super for baits/chip at the end of the round (if Sim has super, his slide/drill shenanigans are a lot more dangerous)

All in all, not bad. Just a few simple things. Try watching more videos of Sim players in the matchup:


ggs to everyone. DAMN, this is my longest session, I think it went to like Battle 70 or something before the game crashed!!! I overdosed on crack (ST) tonight…



@ :33 hilarious


this is how you play with ST Ken fightcade://challenge-3636-1428183866.15@ssf2xj


Nagase Autobahn Tournament Ranking Battle 2015/02/08


Everyone plays once, winner stays. After everyone has played once, they can try again. The ordem is randomly sorted, I believe. The players with the longest win streak get to the final playoff at the end to decide the champion


First round: SIN, Shogatsu, Wani! K, Kachu, Teppei, colors, Degeshu, Billy Chun, Shigaken, Nan, Edo, Gunze, Akashachi Kancho, Hanabi, KKY, Shinji, Katano, Batayan, Kusumondo, Matsu Blanka, ARG, Murasaki, Tsuji, J, Otochun, Gotoh

Second round: Tsuji, J, Katano, Kachu, Edo, KKY, Batayan, Otochun, Billy Chun, colors, ARG, Shigaken, Nan, Yafumi, Akashachi Kancho, Shogatsu, Shinji, SIN, Teppei, Matsu Blanka, Gunze, Wani! K, Hanabi, Degeshu, Gotoh, Kusumondo, Murasaki, Yafumi


Nico, in japanese:

Nico Redirector, if needed

Youtube uploads in English:

This is the last ranking battle at Nagase, from now on the ranking battles will be held at Neyagawa ABC
Thanks Shogatsu for the uploads and translations


Neyagawa ABC Autobahn Tournament Ranking Battle 2015/03/29


Everyone plays once, winner stays. After everyone has played once, they can try again. The ordem is randomly sorted, I believe. The players with the longest win streak get to the final playoff at the end to decide the champion


First round: otochun kusumondo edo colors sanba gunze shogatsu teppei degeshu aorepu? batayan matsu-blanka itokazu Wani!K Masangi Murasaki aniken hirokura KKY

Second round: shogatsu Wani!K aniken kusumondo colors hirokura otochun KKY Masangi itokazu teppei batayan matsu-blanka gunze sanba degeshu Murasaki edo aorepu?


Nico, in japanese:

Neyagawa ABC Autobahn Tournament Ranking Battle 2015/04/19


First round: tanishige? aniken e.hosoda gunze unkoman matsuken KKY SIN murasaki edo yonezaki otochun kusumondo J shigaken batayan itokazu matsu-blanka degeshu teppei aeropu? hirokura nan shogatsu

Second round: edo kusumondo unkoman aeropu? matsu-blanka hirokura J gunze matsuken e.hosoda nan shigaken teppei otochun tanishige? shogatsu KKY batayan murasaki itokazu yonezaki degeshu aniken SIN


Nico, in japanese:

There is also some sort of casuals after the 03/29 event here:

1P: hirokura sanba batayan kusumondo masangi degeshu gunze colors aniken
2P: itokazu aorepu? matsu-blanka wani!k teppei edo KKY shogatsu murasaki

Nico Redirector, if needed

These haven’t been uploaded to youtube by Shogatsu yet


Nagase Autobahn Casuals 2015/01/18

Godlike casuals set after the previously posted Nagase Ranbat. MAO, Mattsun, Otochun, Aniken and more grandmasters beating each other several times.
See the annotations here:


1st video:
MAO - mattsun
MAO - Murasaki (Ryu)
MAO - ??? (Honda)
MAO - Otochun
AFO - Otochun
Edo (Chunli) - Otochun
MAO - Otochun
MAO - Batayan (Guile)
MAO - Yomiado (Ryu)
Kenta-kobe (honda) - Yomiado (Ryu)
Kenta-kobe (honda) - Batayan (Guile)
Kenta-kobe (honda) - Teppei (Guile)
Kenta-kobe (honda) - Gunze
MAO - Gunze
Yomiado (Ryu) - Gunze
Kenta-kobe (honda) - Gunze

2nd video:
Kenta-kobe (honda) - Teppei (Guile)
Kenta-kobe (honda) - MAO
Kenta-kobe (honda) - Murasaki (Ryu)
Kenta-kobe (honda) - Tsumura (hawk)
Kenta-kobe (honda) - Batayan (Guile)
Yomiado (Ryu) - Batayan (Guile)
Otochun - Batayan (Guile)
Otochun - Mattsun
MAO - Mattsun
MAO - Murasaki (Ryu)
MAO - ??? (Hawk)
MAO - Danjiri (sim)
MAO - Murasaki (Ryu)
MAO - Danjiri (sim)
MAO - Murasaki (Ryu)

3rd video:
MAO - Otochun
MAO - Kusumondo
SIN (Honda) - KKY
Superstar (Boxer) - KKY
SIN (Honda) - KKY
SIN (Honda) - Kenta-kobe (Honda)
Superstar (Boxer) - Kenta-kobe (honda)
MAO - Kenta-kobe (honda)
Kusa (chunli) - Kenta-kobe (honda)
Kusa (chunli) - Murasaki (Ryu)
SIN (honda) - Murasaki (Ryu)
MAO - Murasaki (Ryu)
MAO - Mattsun

4th video:
Murasaki (Dictator) - Mattsun
MAO - Mattsun
MAO - Kusumondo
MAO - Nan (Ken)
MAO - Mattsun
SIN (honda) - Mattsun
SIN (honda) - Kenta-kobe (claw)
SIN (honda) - Mattsun
Nan (ken) - Mattsun
Kenta-kobe (claw) - Mattsun
Kenta-kobe (claw) - Kusumondo
Nan (ken) - Kusumondo
Mattsun - Kusumondo
Mattsun - J (hawk)
Mattsun - Aniken
Kenta-kobe (Ryu) - Aniken


Nico, in japanese:

Nico Redirector, if needed

These haven’t been uploaded to youtube by Shogatsu yet


it’s been a while since I logged onto nico. I’m surprised that the UI is in english now <3 no more guessing


38th Ko-hatsu Super Street Fighter II X GMC tournament
Date: 2015-04-24
Rules: 1 player, 3 on 3 characters, Akuma banned.
25 entrants.

Three different characters per match.

Video (only one station was streamed):

00:00 till 15:00: casuals
18:30: Aeropu vs Aniken (Guile/O.Fei/Ryu) (Ryu/Boxer/Ken)
24:55: Shogatsu vs ??? (perhaps Teppei) (Honda/Claw/O.Honda) (O.Guile/Ken/Guile)
34:15: ??? vs ??? (Guile/Ryu/Hawk) (Ryu/Ken/Sagat)
48:30: Tsumura vs Aniken (Hawk/Fei/O.Hawk) (Boxer/Ryu/Ken)
55:30: Tanishige vs Kachu (Boxer/Guile/Zangief) (Ryu/O.Claw/Claw)
1:04;30: KKY vs Reinashi (Boxer/Claw/Dhalsim) (O.Dhalsim/Ken/Dhalsim)
1:09:40: Otochun vs Gunze (Guile/Chun/Ryu) (Ken/O.Zangief/Zangief)
1:18:40: Yoshima? vs Aniken (Boxer/O.Dictator/Dictator) (Ryu/Boxer/Ken)
1:24:00: KKY vs tomo? (not Kanto tomo) (Boxer/Claw/Dhalsim) (Ken/Sagat/Ryu)
1:29:00: Kachu vs Aniken (Ryu/O.Claw/Claw) (Boxer/Ken/Ryu)
1:35:15: KKY vs Otochun (Boxer/Dhalsim/Claw) (Ryu/Chun/Guile)
1:43:00: Kachu vs Otochun (Ryu/O.Claw/Claw) (Guile/Dictator/Chun)


[details=Spoiler]Final results:

  1. Otochun
  2. Kachu
  3. KKY, Aniken
  4. rest

Winners picture: link[/details]


We had a really fun event at Rob Nava’s house yesterday for his *69 gArcade opening. We streamed for over 10 hours and this was the ST portion with Jumpsuit Jesse doing commentary.


Lose with N.Ryu “LOL I don’t even play with N.Ryu”

Win with N.Ryu “LOL I don’t even play with N.Ryu”