The stakes just went up at EVO. $20,000 pot and the top Japanese players

With the announcement of a huge $20,000 prize and a bunch of top Japanese player coming to evo, who do you think will rise to the top this year?

Will the top 8 be filled with Japanese players and Justin?

Will the America put Japan on blast? There’s no advantage since super came out at the same time, so we (north america) be able to beat Japan.

Who are our best chances at beating Japan? Justin? Sabin? Valle? Marn? Flash?John fucking Choi?

It means we will probably see payouts to atleast the Top 8 if not Top 16.

Japan competing at EVO is standard and everyone of those beasts have a chance of winning.

They already mentioned that they are paying out to top 8 in the cover story. As for who’ll dominate, don’t forget Europe, the French took out Tokido at Stunfest and he finished 3rd. I’m sure the Japanese will have a presence in the top 8, but I don’t think they’ll dominate it. This years Evo is definitely much much more intriguing then last years.

Any word on a team exhibition for this year? Last year we had a US regional exhibition. But with such a large influx of so top international talent, I’d like Evo to have a world team exhibition(country vs country).

I really hope we get players from all regions in the Top 16 and Top 8. Granted, the tournament is obviously in Japan’s favor, but it would be excellent to see a diverse crew of finalists.

I think we’ll be pleasantly surprised with how well USA will do. SF4 favors the randoms, for sure. No way the Japanese have tons of experiance against the pad longs and Thawks of the world.

Japan is still mostly an arcade country and SSF4 isn’t out in the arcade there (AFAIK), so that would explain why japan hasn’t been dominating SSF4 when they goto international tournaments as of late.

I predict alot of upsets this year for SSF4…so get your first class tickets to the hype train.


I think wong has a very strong chance of winning this year. :D!

Why’s that? He didn’t win when only two Japs showed up and this year it looks like there will be half a dozen at least.

Hmmm can’t really put it into words. But basically SSF4 blows, rufus bad match ups probably aren’t that bad. And I dunno I believe in games usually wong losses to the japanese cause they’re more technical or something along those lines. SSF4 technical requirements cap out pretty fucking low. So I really believe it just comes down to who can play gayer and smarter. :stuck_out_tongue:

And wong playing smarter then the Japanese is debatable, but besides tokido… wong will out gay any of them :stuck_out_tongue:

my money is on Santhrax… i’m also having a premonition of Nuki eliminating Daigo… but uh just cause i’m black doesn’t mean i have the shining… but i know i’m not winning… this is just my 1/50th of a dollar

I couldn’t agree more! LOL!!!

^ More at stake ;0)

i think thats strongly due to not having experience vs console characters. the tourney is in japanese favor but there will be a bunch of upsets. i think justin and flash have a good chance of breaking into top 8.

Sanford hasn’t won a major here and you think he’s going to beat Wong/Marn and all the Japanese

Sanford is my dude but cmom

Honestly last year a lot of people said “it’s everyone’s game” “console characters are dangerous” etc. Yeah SSFIV is new and there are more gimmicks for the Japanese to deal with but I don’t think the results will be unexpected at the top.

Gold stick is Godlike. Are they going to be PS3 sticks or 360 sticks? Or DUAL MODDED!!!

My own opinion is that we’ll see some “newcomers” or that is, relatively less known/expected players make a good showing. It’s been happening tournaments here (and around the world, to be honest), I don’t see why it wouldn’t happen at Evo. For the most part, the top will still be top, but their exact position can’t possibly pinpointed. What I don’t believe is that the Japan dick riding is justified. I think there are reason’s why they wont do as well as a lot of people expecting. Having no arcade scene for the game, them not having regular local grind sessions outside online (but what do I know about that). I just don’t think their exposure to Super is as deep as non-arcade dominant regions. They’re very familiar with 17 chars (arcade version), less familiar with 8 more (console vanilla), and even less so with 10 more (SSF4) plus all the little changes. Not to mention happenstance of the moment. All of this will influence the outcome of the tourny. That said, if Japan does dominte, it’ll go on to prove how free the rest of the world is. Otherwise, it can’t be said to be “settled” until next years Evo.