The stand alone title

Is the stand alone title version of this game different from the add-on content?
Does the game present itself differently? Are there challenges similar to the vanilla version?

Nope, its just that the stand alone version will show Arcade Edition in the opening screen. I believe that that’s the only difference.

Edit:- And there are no new challenges for the AE specific characters and/or changes. The game rolls back to Super Street Fighter 4 when trying out the challenges.

Even on PC. Yes, that’s silly.

does the disc version have Oni’s eyes/face like the actual arcade machines?

I wouldn’t know, but I think it sucks that the stand alone version is basically the same as the add-on content version.
I was hoping for the game to be new again. :frowning:

I liked how the vanilla version had a variety of challenges in challenge mode. It felt like I was playing Soul Calibur III… If you have played Soul Calbur II or III, you know what I mean. The floor is slippery, your enemy is invisible, you have only 30 seconds to defeat your enemy. Those were very fun games. I still haven’t passed all the challenges in vanilla…

I wish there were trials mode for Yang/Yun/Evil Ryu/Oni.

I was very saddened by the presentation. I usually like picking apart the design of the menus and really like doing the trial mode. Maybe this implies there will be one more version after all.