The Stand-Up/Sketch comedy video thread

I know almost all the videos posted in the video thread are there because they’re funny or amusing, but this thread will focus exclusively on Stand-Up or sketch comedy. Post your favorite videos of Stand-Up comedians or random sketches from the internet (or TV; shows like SNL or MAD TV) you find hilarious.

I just thought this up, so I don’t have time to draft everything I have to offer this thread right now. I’ll edit more stuff in later.
But here’s a taste to start off:

Tubesteak gets Punched! The Saga.
Part 1: [media=youtube]aW5-WTNdsn0&feature=channel"[/media]
Part 2: [media=youtube]I4OyrzO4N8s&feature=subscription"[/media]

If you haven’t heard of Tubesteak yet, go through BoondocksBootleg (the youtube channel) and look at all his stuff.

Patton Oswalt:
Stella Dora Breakfast Treats
Black Angus Steak skit

Jim Gaffigan:
Hot Pockets

Dave Chappelle:
Monkey Pussy

Patrice Oneal:

the Sniper

Kevin James:
Phone # Rhythm

too lazy to post bro rape but watch it.