The Starbase "Throw Your Sleep Out the Window" Night Tourney Wed 8/4 at 10pm w/ IPW!


Calling an impromptu late night tourney at 10pm on Wednesday 8/4. Here’s the info:

Registration Starts at 8pm
SSF4 Singles
Double elimination best 2/3 matches
Grand Finals only best 3/5
Only losers repick their character. If winner decides to repick ultra, they must do so before loser repicks their character ala EVO rules.
$5 to get into Starbase like normal and $5 optional to enter tourney (70/20/10)
8 setups (XBox + CRT or Asus), half of which dedicated to the tourney and the other half for casuals
Some matches will be lived streamed and commentated by!
Estimated duration of the tourney: 3 hours (based on last late night tourney)

See you there!


Lol mother fuckker…i better see my royalties check…


throw your sticks out the window




you have too much of a hard on for my controller, treat it nicely and it may tip you


o.O what happended its a IPW stream now eh?


Well, Erich isn’t sure he can make it in time to start the stream and if I touch a computer I might somehow accidentally send US missles at us so I’ll leave it to the experts =P


LOL Jay the Terrorist! But u iz too dark to be NOrth Korean…u could pass for a asian middle easterner tho…


Aptly titled tourney. I knew you once sleep, a long, long time ago. I miss you…




I’m glad to say I’ll be making my debut this Wednesday! The Starbase killah is comin your way, baby bahahahaha!!!


TONIGHT!!! Gonna get my stream on too!!


Get Hype !!!

See ya’ll there !!! I f*ckin’ love STAR BASE…from the location to ALL of it’s players…It is what the fighting game community should be more like…NO DISCRIMINATION…and UNITY !!! Even when there are rivalries it’s all in game…Viva SB !!! Hollllerrrrrr…

Everyone POWER UP !!!


The Rich Kid Academy Movement |


see you all there at around 10


Great games last night, i’m hella free lol and ASS