The Starting Point Video Thread!

CopperDabbit doesn’t know what to do vs v-13.




Nothing really spectacular. Enjoy!

Nu Vs Litchi

Nu Vs Taokaka

Nu Vs Taokaka2

Nu Vs Taokaka3

Nu Vs Taokaka4

Nu Vs Taokaka5

Nu Vs Taokaka6

Nu Vs Taokaka7

Nu Vs Taokaka8

Top PSN Nu as of july 18th. Accumulated Wins.
Nu Vs Nu


Nu Vs Jin

Top PSN player with Accumulated wins.
Arakune Vs Ragna


Nu Vs Bang


Nu Vs Bang2

Nu Vs Jin

Nu Vs Jin2

Nu Vs Jin3

Nu Vs Jin4

Nu Vs Ragna

Offensive burst stuff with bang:


I uploaded a recent 2on2 tourney from a-cho
Enjoy and help wth the players’ names will be much appreciated

Top PSN Nu as of August 2nd 2009. Accumulated Wins.

Nu Vs Nu

Top PSN user with the most accumulated rebel points as of August 2nd 2009.
(Basically the highest level fighter on PSN,level 70)

Carl Vs Tager

Sixth top PSN user as of August 2nd 2009 with most accumulated wins, fighting a Nu.

Jin Vs Nu


Nu Vs Rachel

Nu Vs Rachel 2

Nu Vs Noel

Nu Vs Noel 2

Nu Vs Noel 3

Nu Vs Noel 4

Nu Vs Noel 5

Nu Vs Noel 6

Why are so many people posting videos of yourselves playing when you obviously aren’t good enough for most people to care to watch them? All it does is flood youtube with mediocre videos when you are looking for something good…it looks like the random PSN/XBL video uploads are actually coming up first in the searches rather than the more popular, high level matches that you can actually learn a lot from.

Keep8123 is a beast though…post more quality videos like his.

Some people basically repost videos on YouTube of videos that can be searched from various viral sites, which can easily lead to an easy high view rate and easy subscriptions. While others actually put themselves out there to be trolled, critiqued, and heckled. I decided in not doing the first because there are already several members of the YouTube community who do that and are very successful i.e. Minora, AHOjagi, hardedgeofficial, eventhubs, Hecatom ect. My videos are valuable towards me as well as others; otherwise I wouldnt be receiving feedback. 300 views with my name attached are more than enough to make me content. The more tournaments I win the more successful I become in becoming a quality player. Everybody has to start somewhere, and this is where I have chosen to start, and I greatly appreciate the people who request casuals with me via PSN. So yes, I will continue to post good quality matches of me and anyone who shares the same interests as me character wise that have not been uploaded to a viral site already.

Well I wasn’t necessarily referring to you but rather people who have just played the game for like two days and are cluttering youtube.

A video showing that inputs can be done to abuse super flashes in Blazblue:


Does anyone know a “TheShend” like channel on youtube, but for Blazblue videos ? In case you don’t know TheShend: he has a youtube channel that has a stupendous amount of 3S vids (not by himself, but mostly top japanese matches) and is updated quite regularly.

whole bunch of 100% [media=youtube]aV3GB075vzY[/media]



buppa (hakumen goku) vs shadow (hakumen all black)

the 1st ad 2nd fights with my new sub: bang

vs taokaka
vs rachel

hq version of my 1st fight with arakune:


Hakumen’s combos are sooo friggin ugly…just the same thing over and over. TOO repetitive but damn, the damage is insane. Lame. =]

Personally I like hakumen’s combos. They look so baller to me. It’s one of the reasons why I like him so much.

That and “EIIIIYAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” for every C-button pressed.


Some good Rachel Videos
Rachel vs Ragna

RA vs Hazama (pretty good Hazama)
Part 2