The state of childhood in D.C

Now everyone knows D.C. has alot of hoods and that they influence children. but this
[media=youtube]0e0hZ65HXe0[/media] this is sad. Not to mention that it is not far off from the way children act in D.C. that place is also close to where i put in sets in vanillia marvel on the weekends too, i’d like to know people opinions on this

And that is why I move my wallet from my back pocket to a front pocket when I’m in a crowded arcade with MVC2 players.

(MVC2 players look like they will stab me…before reading anything disagreeable that I post)

They hatin’ on big worm. Probably reposted a pic in IMM :rofl:

I have a long standing belief that it is best to avoid anything related to WHSS. This belief has not led me astray and I will continue this.

what in the fuck was that video about? This was thread worthy? Rename this thread ‘black kids have a boring ass conversation nobody cares about’ please