The Stay Salty Series - Rampage Ranbats I - Oklahoma City, OK - 08/14/2010


The Stay Salty Series is proud to announce the first ever Rampage Ranbats 1!

Wild For The Night

When - August 14, 2010

Location - Cactus Jack’s
Cactus Jack’s Family Fun Center

Time: 6:00 PM - Registration and Casuals
7:00 PM - Ranbat Starts

Console: Xbox 360. PS3s are welcome if both players agree to play on the PS3 console.

Prize: 1st Place - $100

Fee: $15 entrance fee
Explanation of Fee - $5 from the entrance fee will be place into an Equipment Fund. More details on the Equipment Fund below. The prize money is capped at $100 unless there are at least 20 entrants. If 20 people enter then the prize money will increase to $150. The rest of the money will go into the Equipment Fund and Tournament Pot. In the unfortunate event that there are not at least 10 entrants, the winner will take home the amount collected, minus the $5 towards the Equipment Fund.

Rules - Round Robin format
2/3 Sets
2/3 Rounds per set
99 Seconds per round
Winner keeps character, loser may change.
In regards to Ultras, Winner keeps Ultra unless loser changes character and/or Ultra.
In the case of a double KO at the end of a tied series, another set will be played until a winner is determined.

Scoring: 1st Place - 9 points, 2nd Place - 8 points, 3rd Place - 7 points, 4th Place - 6 points, 5th Place - 5 Points, 6th Place - 4 Points, 7th Place - 3 Points. 8th place on will receive 2 points.

Points will accumulate through the duration of the series of Ranbats leading up a tournament, date to be determined. The points will be used as a seeding for players who attend the Ranbats. The more Ranbats players attend, the better chance players will have in the seeding for the tournament.

Tournament Pot: After 10 entrants have registered, the remaining money collected will be used for a tournament pot. As noted before, if 20 players enter, the Ranbat prize money will increase to $150. The tournament pot money will ensure that there will be a guaranteed amount of prize money for an upcoming tournament.

Equipment Fee: $5 from every entrance fee to go into an Equipment Fund to buy Asus VH236H monitors, Xbox 360s, Copies of SSFIV, cables, Arcade Sticks, Convertors, etc.
The purpose of the Equipment Fund is to provide uniformity among all the set ups. I plan on buying 4 of each of the above items to get things started and initial estimates range to around $1800 - $2000. It will be a long process getting all the equipment but I assure you all it will be more than worth it in the end. If anyone would like to donate to the Equipment Fund please PM me or come up to me during the Ranbat events.

My goal is to have bi-monthly Ranbats. There will not be another Ranbat after the 14th until after the August 28th Bar Fights Tournament in Grapevine/Dallas. The more Ranbats we have before a tournament means money pot money and more exposure. More exposure will bring players not only from Oklahoma and the surrounding states, but from all over the region.

If you have any questions please PM or just post your question in this thread.