Removing those was the first thing I did (after resizing), since a lot of people remove the turbo buttons anyway, and the screw holes can be - and really should be - cut out easily enough by lining the printed art up against the plexi top and cutting. In fact I plan on removing the button holes from the finished version as well. This should make it so that any minor cutting errors don’t result in visible white areas, and you can use the cutouts in transparent buttons if you want.

I only left the holes there for the small versions so that you could see the overall picture.

Also, on an unrelated note, you shouldn’t quote images the way you are doing. It makes it harder for people to read the thread. Just strip the IMG tags when you quote. I’m actually going to do that for my previous posts since those images are no longer of immediate relevance.

Anyway, latest modification (I also cleaned up the edges a bit):

And what it’ll look like for actual printing:


That makes sense, plus I can always cut from the panel. Again, thank you very much, as this art looks wonderful, and is what I was going for. I am truly appreciative.

Now off to finish this HRAP mod


Alrighty then, here’s the full-size 300DPI version (on MediaFire because Photobucket resizes):


Once again, I am quite grateful. Thank you so much!!!


Eh, it’s no biggie. I need more practice with CS3 anyway.


here are the remaining stick art requests from the BIG REQUEST thread:
[] Thatman_Blaze - stick art | not sure if he still wants this
] TRAMPY - stick art | doesn’t provide a template
[*] Bee - stick art
i’ll let everyone know that stick art requests should now be posted here.

thanks a lot, buddy. :tup:


Can some one fix this:

maybe just clean the image.

so I can use it for this:

I don’t need the window for turbo buttons.

Thank you.


Will do tomorrow when i get home. . and Bee’s if no one else has started


thnx streak for movin my request here appreciate it :slight_smile:
Edit:Heres a larger image of the Ryu.

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Hi, I would like some stick artwork.

I would like this image:

I would like this sort of background for my stick. I like the style colors etc:

And here is the template:

Many thanks in advance!


Wow that’s amazing!

Hey tat, do you happen to have that Hokuto No ken file? I have Gimp so i can do my own artwork now but i wanted to edit the one you made me cuz Raoh head gets cut off from the buttons…


Whoa, that is pretty vicious.


Looks Amazing TatGuy Thanks


Hello guys, i’d like to request art for my stick, want to make it a SF4 stick.


I just did pretty quickly an overview in power point, cant upload from work, just want the same size for each char and want to remove the SF IV logo from the boxer pic and put it in the middle down between dhalsim and viper and if possible with the colors to match the backgound of the chars.



Damn Bigworm moved on up with his own thread, good shit.


woo, sticky status. :tup:


Hope you like:


Bigworm, that is awesome. Many thanks!!!

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