Hi, I would like some stick artwork.

I would like this image:

I would like this sort of background for my stick. I like the style colors etc:

And here is the template:

Many thanks in advance!


Wow that’s amazing!

Hey tat, do you happen to have that Hokuto No ken file? I have Gimp so i can do my own artwork now but i wanted to edit the one you made me cuz Raoh head gets cut off from the buttons…


Whoa, that is pretty vicious.


Looks Amazing TatGuy Thanks


Hello guys, i’d like to request art for my stick, want to make it a SF4 stick.


I just did pretty quickly an overview in power point, cant upload from work, just want the same size for each char and want to remove the SF IV logo from the boxer pic and put it in the middle down between dhalsim and viper and if possible with the colors to match the backgound of the chars.



Damn Bigworm moved on up with his own thread, good shit.


woo, sticky status. :tup:


Hope you like:


Bigworm, that is awesome. Many thanks!!!

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Thank you so much, and sorry for not be clear on my recent post but, can you get rid of the wholes to?
Am so sorry bro, and thank you on advance.:angel:



Hey guys, hate to bother and this is my first request (shouldn’t have waited so long) but I am having a stick made for me and would like a comic scan of the famous Deadpool Shoryuken. Is it possible to have that image on the template below? Thanks a million for everything you guys do.


Grog–gave it a shot. Let me know what you think:


I think that’s abolutely amazing, good idea on the “Dead” and “Pool” around the buttons. His face on the outsides for the filler of the stick dimensions is amazing too, holy shit man good work. Thank you so much.


=D You’re welcome!

If you can, snap some pics of your stick when its done. I wanna see it in action!!


Hell yeah, going to have blue case, white buttons and blue stick. My original thought was Captain America stuff but this is so much better.


Would anyone like to do a pic for me considering I will give extremely broad guidelines on the art itself? I like how amazingly creative you guys are, and every time I try and think of a good design it doesn’t look as good in the end. Basically I’ll only give you the words, and the character/style, and the stick template and dimensions.

If so please let me know!!! I had an amazing pic done for me the other month, but I ended up getting a new stick with different dimensions and layout, so I need a completely new pic.


i will. . .


YO! You did my last one didn’t you? Anyways stick art guidelines are:

  • Dimensions of the art should be 8.5" x 12", according to the person building my stick.

  • Zangief in there somewhere. I’d much prefer a pic of him from Alpha/marvel and on, and not this pose/pic. Since it’s been used a few times now, lol.

  • Capcom blue and yellow logo on the bottom right corner.

  • Zangief’s name, in a spray paint/graffiti style.

  • Works around this stick template. But without the last two buttons on the right (6 button setup in other words, obviously).

  • Everything in black & white EXCEPT for the Capcom logo.

Like I said the only problem with my previous stick art, is that now I have a new stick with slightly different dimensions. Also, my layout is different, and Gief’s face was blocked by the stick placement no matter how I did it. I have no issue with Gief being blocked by something (since it’s hard not to) however I hate it when the face is blocked, looks out of place.

  • So I guess the last point would be, good Gief sizing/placement so his face isn’t blocked by the stick! Lol.

If you want to see the old one, it’s right here.

Whew, I guess that actually is a lot of guidelines. Anyways, thanks so much in advance AGAIN, appreciate it!!!