Hey before you start on mine check your PM’s, ran into a few troubles, don’t want you to waste time on it haha.


You guys do such a great service for SRK members, and don’t ask anything in return. Thanks, you guys deserve it!


Good luck :wgrin:, and yeah you guys are awesome, thanks for you time and effort. :tup:



BLEW IT UP!! As requested:

I had to upload the .png to sendspace…it’s 6.5 megs big…for a picture…


Lord Arthur. . .

IDK i mean i think that’d be too condensed+the cut off some of the characters will get from the buttons. .


ok ill check it at home when i get from work cant check it here :annoy:


Yo Tat, I’m already working on Tha_Yizzah’s, so don’t.

Hope you haven’t already…=/’


This is perfect man, I really appreciate everything you did for me.


Where’s my money?





I just realized I wasted a lot of time doing Yizzah’s stick art, when it was already done.




I bought you some prem yesterday does that count? :sweat:



I didn’t even realize!!



can you do it with just chun and boxer?? colors are similar so maybe something that melt them in the middle with the SF IV logo?


Hey guys, not sure if its possible - but could anyone edit this:

So it fits on the Agetec DC template?

Many thanks :slight_smile:


Would it be possible for you guys to break up my av into frames so that it fits on a T5 stick? :smiley: Or maybe some angel(Kof) art? The stick will be all black with white buttons, So if someone could break up the av into small tidbits, Then have her blowing a raspberry at the bottom right, That’d be so sick…If it cant be done, I can find new shit to use :smiley:


I’ll give it a shot, but if you could find some Angel artwork you like just in case it doesn’t look that good. . that’d be great. …

Arthur. . unless bigworm is already working on yours. . .i should have it done by tonight.


youre my hero Tat guy, looks awesome! cant wait to print it, thanks a lot!


Need dimensions on that Agetec…


Its 28.5cm x 15.8cm (at the highest point)

cheers :wink:


I was wonder if someone could make a templet of SF4 blanka for the ps3 TE stick. I don’t know the dimensions because I don’t have the stick yet. The name ShinBlanka across the bottom of the template with a nice size pic of SF4 blanka covering most of the template. Thanks in advance. If you want to take my avatar and use that as the template that would be cool, unless you can find the whole pic of SF4 blanka