No worries. I put you in the list to be done. Any chance you got a template?


MarkMan said he’d be releasing the template this month (in the street fighter iv stick thread), so i suppose it’ll be soon.



Please forgive me if this has been answered ive been searching for days for an pdf,eps or psd file containing the sf4 moves

any help would be appreciated:lovin:



you completely missed the mark dawg. . .

Um so bigworm’s got shin? alright. I need a T5 stick template. . forgot to get it.


Yep. It’s my weekend again, so I’m hoping to have some more stuff busted out by Thursday…


Thanks a lot sir.:tup:


Just made a stickart for Mystic (Bleetness) and figured I’d post it here. Comments appreciated.



Normally I myself am not into stick art with so much/many different things going on, but that looks pretty ballin’ man. Plus I heart Angel, ha ha.


Good shit quiche, just to make sure though his stick won’t have the turbo in the upper left will it?


Nice Shit, quiche.

BTW, can i be 1rst in tha line when u guys are done…?


Nope it’s a PS2 Tekken 5 stick.



Ya, Sorry to whomever was doing the art for me. Kinda got offered it lol.


Scratch one off the request list.

Good shit quiche.

…right on.


Hey if nobody started mine id just like to mod my request a bit, if you already started it then dont worry about it. instead of using chunli id rather have this cammy artwork with the velixlix button slapsh layout.


Oh Shit that stick art is dope!


Wow glad people like it. Maybe I’ll start making stick art for more people.


P.S.: …would anyone be willing to pay a few dollars for stick art? Saving up for a stick of my own. :rofl:


Wrong thread man, ask in the Need help finding an image? We can help! thread.


I wanted to make money. .


I will do my very best to jew you out of it.



IF that’s the case. . .then you must want the $5-$10 much. . much more than I do. . .