like so? btw, i’ve moved Michael Turner’s signature to somewhere less visible, but i won’t remove it since I have a lot of respect for his art.


Thats cool. I understand. Question. Can U remove the circles where the buttons are. or give me the file and i’ll remove them in gimp. other then that its lovely. Thanks.


Here you are Sir. PDF file, all lines turned off, please use your control panel or panel as a cutting guide.


hows something like this?


Wow! Yes, I definitely like what I’m seeing here.

If I can also can get a second version with the template circles not present(should be able to use the plexi or the base as a guide to cut them) too, it’d be much appreciated.


Hey Artist, Im here Requesting some stick art, Id like to Request a Chun li SE size 6 button layout artwork containing Zero ( Megaman X Zero ), Rufus ( SF4 ),

mitsudomoe symbol



Zero Picture I really like that I found I kinda of want used


Also I kind of Want an Electric theme and sf4 ink style mixed, the mistudomoe is also the symbol of the thunder god Raijin, seeing how Zero is the god of lightning and so am I YAY. So if this is possible please let me know in a PM or something, I know this is a lot to ask for but ID GREATLY appreciate it =).


Here you are, sorry about including not bullet but I couldn’t find any good pictures to work with.




Btw whoever makes my stick art, It will be seen on my stream and credited during commercials.

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you should blend the black on the right a little better with the picture…that black line just killed the mood if anything, you just need to extend the table (see below…lol…also, the girl needs bigger boobs :stuck_out_tongue:


it’s too bad it doesn’t have hot girls with big boobs, if it did it would be my art on stream…lol…


Well if you can make a tasteful one without my gf getting mad >.< But I’m down to try whatever art work lol. If it’s something nice I’ll use it definitely :wink:

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Actually, I’d still make the table either a little bit longer - having it just touch the edge of the Kanji makes it look a little weird. I’d probably extend it about 1/3 of a character-width, but then, I’m no artist.


so like this? even fixed the problem with the boobs.


Yeah, that’s more like what I was thinking. It’s kikimaru024’s image, though, so it’s really up to him/her.


Can you please make me artwork for a madcatz se fight stick? Planning to use the last 6 buttons as its more of an American layout which I’m use to when I use to go to the arcades. I like hot girls with big boobs. My wife likes hot girls with big boobs more than me so it’s not an issue. Thanks in advance.


Lol. That’s awesome …do you have any characters in mind?


Was thinking about morrigan or Felicia or just some random anime character? Maybe something u have been working on but haven’t seen on a stick yet??


Also a fan of Michael Turner’s Fathom


OK. Ill come up with something.