Wtf?! Are you me??? LOL


like i mentioned, i’m a big fan of michael turner’s art so i’m quite familiar with fathom :slight_smile: Here’s is my first attempt at your template, please note that this artwork was worked on after my 5th drink forward…currently on my 7th…yay new years…



that’s not a girl…

(which is kinda the joke)


Lol u have good taste.



oh man! fooled again! fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me, fool me three times, i must like being fooled!


here’s danny’s finished artwork


THANK YOU!! will post pics as soon as i get it done…


Still looking for someone to help me with this :).

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It would help if you linked to the share PAGE on Zerochan, not the image URL.


If I get it can you make the stick art ? I literally googled zero Meagan x and that showed up.

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I need to Improve this design. Any Ideas?


how about a space backdrop with some planets and some stars that look like they are at the end of there life and about to go supper nova or something like that. Just a thought thou.


I was thinking something like this


Finally got it set up. Probably need to sand and repaint the case a bit, but I think it turned out pretty good!


Hi everyone,

Anyone can help me to modify this :

This is for my TE round One edition. I just want to move the M.Bison Sprite on the buttons, change the color of lower and upper background to black, and change the color of the name in white and the skull in red if its possible ? (need in .Psd)

Great thanks to those who will help me :slight_smile:



not sure if correct thread, but maybe someone is so kind to help me out. Im just looking for a certain highrez screenshot of the SF4 vanilla intro (see pic). Unfortunately I do not have the sufficient pc equipment nor the game.

I can create the TE template alone, so I am just searching for a good resource pic.

Many thanks in advance


There ya go.


Thank you very much


Anyone have the Madcatz SFxT Pro art scanned?

Either the Line or Cross works.