Souka… I figured that the stage would be a problem. I guess I gotta get an artiste to redraw it. I know it might priceee, but that’s the background I want.



Hey there. I’m a new user, so please excuse me if I’m overstepping the bounds by asking for something so soon.

I would very much like some art work for the Mad Catz Soul Edition stick in the style of the namco noir panel. I only need a brushed metal effect and the Namco logo and stripe at the bottom, not the start button. This should be quite easy to do, but I don’t have the required software or processing power to do it myself, so I would really appreciate this.

A TE template would be fine, as would just the artwork itself in the correct dimensions.

Here’s the template

Thanks in advance.

Edit: sorry, here’s an example of someone’s HRAP template - I would essentially like this without the HRAP and Hori graphics.


Sorry for the double post :confused:


It’s been a while since I wanted a new template, so here’s my request!
Template : TE SCV Full Template

Pictures :
Deadpool on the lower right
Felicia on the left side of the stick.

Backround - Just Blue on Felicia’s side and Maroon on Deadpool’s side. If you could add some effects on it, something similar to the effects on this, that’d be awesome.


Would someone make me a YYH stick with Yusuke on it.
Green Backround and my name in the bottom right corner, would be much appreciated.

A Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Stick lol.




I’m trying to do a custom KoF XIII stick. I want King, Mr. Karate and Iori on it but I have no photoshop talent. Here is the template for a Qanba Q4 and some images of the KoF characters. I don’t have a preference as to which picture is used as long as there is one of each character. I would like to also include the SNK and King if Fighters XIII logo but I don’t know where to find those images.


I’m not looking for full stick art per say, but does anyone happen to have the button labels that are similar to the madcatz TE-S stick? xbox buttons that is. im wondering if anyone has recreated them to be similar.


I’d like this picture:

On the qanba Q4-fusion template:

However I want the picture to be located in this general area:

What I’m looking for:

  1. The picture in that specific area because anywhere else and the buttons will cover too much of the character’s face.
  2. To extend the pirate flag further to the right and left, use your judgement, I’ll like anything lol.
  3. The artist to extend the picture with the phrase “NEW WORLD” to the right, to fill the rest of the frame. Please go within the qanba template not to the red lines. The font is preferably this one or use your judgement :
  4. Extend the left side of the picture to all black. With the phrase “Supernovas” along the edge of the picture going upwards. Any colour/font is fine, use your artistic judgement fit the photo I guess?

I know this is alot to do. But I appreciate any kind of help!


Hey guys,
I was wondering if anyone can replicate the vewlix diamond template for my hori vx-sa. I’ve looked for it in the hori v3-sa thread in tech talk and actually found one, but the link posted doesn’t work because megaupload is shut down. Here is a link to the artwork template via art’s hobbies.

Here is a picture of the diamond for reference.

And I also found a template for the TE stick, but I don’t have the photoshop skills to extend it to fit the hori stick. If it helps you get started, here is a high res picture. You’d just need to change the colour scheme and add the start button artwork.


Very sorry for multiple posts. My comments weren’t showing up, but I guess they were backlogged and are now just posted multiple times. Again, very sorry.


Hey guys, was wondering if someone could help me make an artwork for my marvel 3 TE stick! this is fchamps dormammu custom artwork… I would like something similar to this with the red and blue but instead of dorm its gonna be magneto! Was thinking one of these two pictures! or thanks so much in advance!!! If needed, I will pay for a good artwork cause im super bad at making them, But basically I want something similar to the dormammu one with the top red and bottom blue part cause im going to be changing the buttons aswell :slight_smile: Thanks sooo much :smiley:


I love it, is there a BB template for Q4?
I want to do the exact art but whit zero on the left side and all the umvc3 chars in the background


Apologies in advance for being somewhat vague in my request, I’m not good at graphic design.

I’m looking for a design for the Hori RAP VX SA Kai that features the following:

-Cassandra’s Soul Calibur 3 character design
-Primarily blue background (since I’ll be modding the buttons to be either all dark blue, half-light-half-dark blue, or clear blue, not sure which one yet)
-Xbox 360 button labels

The layout can be found here:

I understand that posting here is no guarantee of having it done, but if someone decides to make it, thank you so much in advance!


Hi. I have a round 1 Madcatz TE. I’m trying to make it into a 6 button stick.

-I’m looking for some 6 button layout artwork

-Blue and yellow as the main colors

-And the Capcom logo somewhere in there.



Looking for some artwork, but not for a stick. I need someone to create a facebook background image and
templates for a stream. This is for a SSF4 league taking place online. If anyone could help me out
it would be greatly appreciated.


Hey all! Getting the TE tekken tag 2 stick soon and wanted to replace the art on it. Would really appreciate someone creating a custom piece for me and I am willing to compensate. Thanks in advance! All PM’s welcome.


You’ve been PM’d


Just received my TTT2 TE stick and I’m looking to change the artwork. I’m looking for artwork with SF characters bundled together. Preferably with a black background. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!