I need someone to do a custom artwork for the Hori Fighting edge it’s this picture just with Naruto and Ichigo from Bleach instead of Ryu and ken I will glady pay for your services please let Me know by sending a message if you can do this thanks!!!


I’m kind of a new member here (so sorry if requesting art is a little out of line), but could I please get a piece working for my MLG TE I plan to mod soon? :slight_smile:

Template: Madcatz TE Full Panel

I’d like this artwork, but could you please arrange it so it fits the template more?/make it so Oliver isn’t mostly covered by buttons?:

I got the artist’s permission via PM to let me use the piece, so that’s fine as well. And if you have the time/it won’t be too much trouble, could you do one on the standard TE template (TE Extended) as well?Thanks a lot guys!


Looking for any artists out there who can do pixel art of Spiderman and Dormammu that has the same “proportions” as this Vergil one so it matches it.


I was looking for someone to make a top panel piece for my stick with Makoto (prefer her alt costume the schoolgirl look) or Akuma on it and my user name somewhere on the piece as well. I will gladly pay for the piece if its of good quality and fits the stick just right. The artwork is the only thing holding my mod up from being done already.

Template: Madcatz SFxT Pro Top Panel

PM me if your interested in doing this and if your charging me tell me your price as well. Thanks in advance.


Hi guys
I am desperately looking for a sega astro city design for my mad catz se stick. Does anyone have a pad of this as I imagine its fairly popular? Or can someone help me out pretty please :slight_smile:



I was wandering if i could still request a custom template?
If so I would like to use this picture found on this website:

And here is the template:

Could you remove the text on the bottom and instead put my PSN name on it?
PSN: Daddy-Sensei

I understand that you guy’s are pretty busy, so just take your time!
Many thanks in advance, if there is anything just PM me.


Hey Guys,

Was wondering if anyone could help me out with this.

Would love this picture, with Relius on the left side:

Using this template:

I appreciate any help with this request! You guys are awesome.


Hi everyone,

Just getting back into using Photoshop, so if anyone has any stick art requests I’d be happy to try and work on them. I’m not promising anything amazing, but I’ll try to get you all decent works…


Hi all. Not really requesting anything specific right now but is there a dump of files sorted by stick out there anywhere? Would like to look at a few and maybe get an idea of something then comission someone to create a piece when I have a clearer idea of what I want.


Hello everyone, I just wanted to inform anyone interested in getting any art done that I’m open for commission work! Here’s one of the commissions I did for a tekken player.

If you are interested please either pm me or contact me at Also you can visit my Deviantart page if you want to see more.

Oh and Mere_Immortal I think you were referring to this? The NEW Official Arcade Stick Art Thread NO IMAGE QUOTING!

Hope that helped!


hi. i have a request for some art for a Qanba Q4 stick. here’s the stick:

i was hoping for a similar look to the eightarc sapphire:

…in that i want a lot of white background coming through. it can be a pattern or line art or whatever works.
i really like the chinese character pattern seen in these examples:

if anybody wants to take up this request it would be greatly appreciated.


Hello I was wondering if I can commision/request someone to make art for an arcade stick, it’s an FE case from Magocyber. Just PM me if you can help and we can discuss the details.


Anyone doing requests? I would love for someone to make some art for me. PM if you’re interested in.


Would somebody be able to black out a SCV TE template for me? No images or writing on it or anything, just all black.


If you want plain black, wouldn’t be easier to just get a black plexi? It would definitely look darker than a sheet just printed black.


Hey guys,
I literally have no creativity, but I know there’s people here who does. I’d like to get some Kingdom Hearts themed art for my SCV TE. I don’t mind if it’s Full or Normal-sized, I just want it to look nice & match the case since every image I looked up on GI seemed to simply not match. I don’t have any money to pay for the service, but If someone were to do it out of the kindness of their heart, that would be awesome. Once again, I’m not majorly picky, I just want some nice, cool art. (My favorite characters are Sora and Terra if it helps whoever it may concern.)


[s]I’d like to make a request. I want to see if someone would be willing to give me an Astro City panel on THIS template? Since it’s a wrap-style, I’d like the front and back areas to be flat grey (like the actual Astro City cabinet) but I leave the execution up to whoever fulfills the request.

Thanks, guys.[/s]

*Edit: Disregard this. I’ve gotten it taken care of!


Could someone please replicate the real arcade pro vx sa artwork?
I would appreciate it.


Can anyone make Rugal templete design for WWE brawl stick please?


Looking for someone to make me some artwork willing to pay its for TE Soul calibur V stick for xbox 360. Shoot me an email I cant use photoshop or any editing program but like I said willing to pay email me i reply faster to emails then forums.