Looking for someone to put killer instinct art on my SF X Tekken stick. PM me - commission is fine


Would someone be able to make a Madcatz RD 1 TE template with no turbo panel and only the first 6 buttons cut out using this picture?

I would like it without the writing on a pure black background with some of those red and purple colored splotches all over and with Magneto on the lower left side or left side of the stick. Thanks!


Would anyone consider doing a VLX artwork for me? I’d love to see something very white/clean looking, based on Skullgirls’ Valentine. The only thoughts in my head are not busy, very light, or white. If you’re in need of commission, that’s fine, PM me and show me some of your work so I know that we have the same kinda taste, y’know? :slight_smile:


Images I really enjoy:


Is there anybody ACTIVELY fulfulling stick art requests?


I’m not sure if this thread is still very active… but I was wondering if anyone was able to recreate some stick art I found on an inactive deviant art (or maybe even find the original guy himself!)

This is the base he used

He uploaded it to the TE template, but I own and want to put it on a Q4. I’d also like to take off the text he put in it.

Contact via PM would be the best, commission is fine.


I have the art and template just no program anyone feel helping me out?


I’m new here, but I was wondering if someone can make either dragon ball z (piccolo or gogeta) or tmnt (cartoon look) art for the injustice stick.


Does anyone still have the psd to this, or preferably the original made by NRX?


Doflamingo stick art for Madcatz TE R1 or R2 post time skip.


So i’ve been looking around for a Neo Geo style template for madcatz SE sticks. i found one for a TE, but was unable to find one for an SE, does anyone know where i could find one for SE sticks?


Hi there, I just got my Atrox stick and I’m super excited to get some art printed up!!

I really like the idea of a Black and red theme to match my PC - I’m going to change the LED colour on the Razer logo to red to further push this.

As for the art, I’m writing to see if somebody would be able to take the time to help me here - I will be remapping the button layout to match the MadCatz sticks (not even sure why Razer didn’t do this), and I was thinking about a very minimalist look. This image to the left of the stick, but presented in a way like this example here:

If anyone is able to help by creating the image I need to take to be printed off, with default Mad Catz TE Xbox 360 button layout, and playing with an idea based on my 2 images above I would LOVE your help. I’d be prepared to make a paypal donation etc if it really rocks!!



I don’t know if this thread is still active - if people are still making art - but I just got my Killer Instinct TE2 stick and the artwork sucks!

Would anyone be willing to make me some cool art for it featuring my Marvel vs. Capcom 3 team:
Crimson Viper

I’d like it to use the (U)MvC3 sketch art (as used on the posters) - but really, I don’t mind as long as it looks awesome :slight_smile:


Here ya go GiBGUN, PM me if you want some changes


I’ve decided to make a start, since I like fighting games, but am actually quite terrible at them.

Also I’ve done this one for you Raging Avatar
Just tell me if there’s anything you want done differently


I was going to commission some art for a Madcatz Fightstick Pro, probably of some JoJo characters, anyone up for it?


Requesting astro city cab art for hori rap ex

Thank you


For Trouzah Snake


Hi guys, I’m completely new to the idea of changing and making art for fightsticks. I just bought my first stick (a wwe brawlstick since I heard they are easy to mod) but I don’t have photoshop or any knowledge on how to make them.

A friend of mine made this for me with photshop for my brawlstick, but I’m a little iffy on some aspects of it, particularly the words which I’d probably rather have removed and the photo of her on the upper right side. I like the pic but I think it would be better to move her a bit more towards the right. Id also really like color somehow, even of its just blue/grays here and there. I really don’t know. I’m super close to liking this but it’s not quite there yet.

If anybody wants to mess around with it, and try to tidy it up, please do. If you’d rather just go from scratch and try something else with the theme of the bride, that’d be amazing of you as well. I just google the bride of Frankenstein or the bride of frankenstei deviantart. I know the movie and most pics will be black and white but I’d love some color. I really like this pic. But wouldn’t know how to apply it tastefully on the stick. I’d prefer it to be more pink, red, purple, or blue (think marvel 3 beams) than green and orangey.

Whatever anybody wants to do, I’d greatly appriciate it. I’m really down for anything as long as it looks cool.

Here’s the template if anyone decides to be super awesome amazing and help.


Haven’t been able to find a Vewlix TE template using Art’s template. Does anyone happen to have one or would someone be interested in making one? Will pay of course for any work done.

Referring to any of the templates for the TE including Round 1: