Got it wrong. My mistake!


This thread still alive? People still want art for their sticks?

I’m looking to up my output so anyone who needs art should send a PM.


I would be interested getting replacement art for my ps4 TE2.


Looking for some art for a Q1, please PM me


Can anyone help me with a te2 stick layout with 8 buttons with this sf2ce template?


Looking for some Sadira artwork for my TE2. Willing to pay DM for further details


is this thread still alive? I have some requests i was hoping someone could help me with


not sure if i was supposed to post this here to begin with but can anyone help with is? [To anyone who can help. Need image redone


If it’s possible is there anyone who can provide a Vewlix art for the original TE with the bezel. What I’m looking for is actually 4 different color variations the original Red, Silver with the red lining on the edge, the Diamond blue and black. Also with the 8 button layout.

Something like this:

Thank you.


Has anyone got a PSD of the BlazBlue artwork… I need the TYPE A/B and the DANGER sections.

I think a few years back @NeoBlood did a template but all the links are dead now :frowning:
Also found that D3V did one too called BB Type-D3V template psd
help appreciated


Is this thread still alive? I need artwork base on these images : for my TE Soul edition and HRAP V3 SA both 6-button and 8-button layout… thanks…


I’m alive! And I’ll try to get the template uploaded somewhere soon.


Hey, saw this stick and i like it alot, anyone happen to have it or can replicate it for my hori T5

heres a template from arthong

and here is image

things i need
-Black baground like on the first stick i posted
-last 6 buttons only
-no select/start button

  • middle screws deleted(only 4 corner screw)
  • no button labels
  • if possible position pic so alittle more of the hand shows, but i dont want the joystick to look like its his ugly.

I will be buying a plexi and art from arthong.


Hi, I am not sure if this thread is still active but thought I would try my hand at a request.

I am looking to add in this artwork

on to this TE-2 template (the PDF for the template is near the bottom it is the Persona one although I don’t think it matters).

I was wondering if you could make the background in the Vega art a bit more blue similar to the persona art but still natural to the artwork.

Thanks if anyone does fulfill this request.


Nvm figured it out and made my own via GIMP, lol.


Hi. I am looking for artwork for my new fightstick I am building. I did have Aoi84 did mines 5 years ago. Here is a sample of the work he did, which I am looking for something similar with ONE PUNCH MAN Theme.

I am willing to pay for a custom artwork. I would like it to have PS4, XB1, X360, and PS3 logos. With MadCatz Logos, and stuff. Similar to the layout. Please pm me. Thanks.


Anyone see art work like this, but with a regular TE1 layout?




@d3v You still looking to do any art? I kind of want to incorporate my avatar into a TE S design. Haven’t thought of just how to put it together. I’m curious how a “negative” would look, too. Just didn’t want to bug you with a PM if you were over it.

Not sure which font I used, but it’s a plain Jane one.



@“Phantom Angel” You ever take a crack at stick art?"