You know I didn’t think about the dust cover. I guess I’ll order it today.


How about this;

or this;


Trying to change the chun li art work on my TE2

would like to use this image in a blue background

with button labels for both playstation and xbox cause i have a brook adapter

if anyone can do it or try’s thank you in advance :slight_smile:


It’s basic but something like this?


yeah,that’s actually perfect ty,do i need a file form of it or can i just save the image and print it as is?


You’ll need to have it as a PDF. PM me and I’ll send it over.


EDIT: Found! :bee:

Alright. Hoping someone can flesh out an idea I have and turn it into something sweet. I’ve got some source art, a mockup PDF I made, and a template. If you can help, please PM me with your rates and some pics of work you’ve done :).


Was wondering if somebody could throw something nice together. I’m in need of Chun Li art for my Madcatz SE Fighstick. I’ll provide the template, image, etc. Hit me with a PM, thank you.


Hello, I just bought an Etokki stick, and I was looking for some custom art for it. Specifically, modeling it after the Kenny Omega “Good Bye and Good Night” t-shirt (Kenny’s a big Street Fighter player).

Here’s the art for those that need it. I have the template downloaded if somebody needs me to zap it to them. Any help is appreciated! Thanks!


I just bought a makestick from focusattack and I need some custom artwork. I’m a broke @ss jigga, so if someone would like to help an OG out pro Bono that would be very appreciated. A black and yellow motif with magneto would be really kool. Thanks for anyone that takes on the job.


New to Shoryuken anyways if this thread is actually still alive which I really hope so…
I would really appreciate it if someone will do this to a guy who is also new to arcade stick stuffs and dont really have a credit card to pay for artists yet anyways
-I pretty much want this artwork to be flipped(guy will be on the left)


-I freakin would want to have the upper and bottom design from the original artwork of Mad Catz TE 2(pretty much the blue stuff on the upper and bottom part of the original art) to match the artwork i want it to be in


thats pretty much what I would want but if you guys want more challenge then heres some
I havent really decided yet which logo to put but anyways just put the logo on the top right


The only thing I really want is the upper and bottom design from the orig artwork I can do it with the plain @ss template but its just too empty you know what I mean? I hope to see a comment soon need until around September hehe


I’ve been having a real time of it trying to find IST makestick pro artwork. It seems everyone who’s posted it has used photo-bucket and the images are unavailable now. In any case can someone make me some art for it with a cherry blossoms at night theme?

K thanks.

Oh here is the pst template.

Actually nevermind I tried to do it myself and it came out ok.


Holy shit, I used to make sticks in here a long-ass time ago! I need to get back into this! =(


Woah found this. I’m looking for some artwork for my madcatz SF4 SE stick. If someone could help me. Going for a Samurai shodown charlotte theme stick


Is this thread dead or what


hey is the template uploaded anywhere?


I’ll see what I can do, what site or service is best for this type of thing these days?


Damn this place is crazy dead. Been a long time; sad to see it in this state. Anyway I was able to track down the dude I initially wanted to make my stick art. Good luck to anyone who comes here for some art or whatever.



Neoblood I want the BB Type-D3V template.psd file pls


Anyone still around from this thread? Im looking for someone to do a Chun Li design for me!!