The Stick man cometh: Mr Game & Watch

The title says it all. Give what you know about this guy. Heres what I got, (it isn’t much)

-his recovery is the biggest difference i have seen, and I’m sure most people know about that, but if you don’t after using his up b, G&W comes back down slowly on a parachute. You can cancel that into his down a, which seems to be beefed up but I’m not sure.

Yep thats all I got, but someone has to start it. Discuss!

He’s my new main. I’ll try to give a little bit of info. Let me start out by saying Game and Watch has gotten some pretty big buffs. His bucket holds 3 stocks and you gain a stock everytime you catch a projectile. In melee whenever you died you lost all of your stocks, but in Brawl you keep them even when you die. His aerials are very good. His Dair sends him straight down stabbing his opponents with a key. You can kill yourself with this move so be careful. his Fair is the same as melee and is his most powerful aerial. His tilts seem like they were the same as they were in melee. His up smash has a little bit of start up but can KO medium-light characters at 80%. His moves come out faster than in melee from what I remember. That’s all I have for now, but I’ll add more info when I can get it.

Edit: I’m not sure if his Dair spikes or not.

his down throw is nice, you land right next to him, sets up his d-smash, n-attack and u-smash.

GnW is serious business in Brawl, beware the BUCKET O’ FUN

I forgot to mention that Game and Watch is suuuuuper light. Some attacks can knock him out in the 80% range, and heavy characters might give him trouble. Can you use the bucket for items or is it projectiles only?

G&W is the greatest character in Brawl!!!

Not only did he get a HUGE improvement from his crappy Melee version, but his oldschool-ness can even destroy characters like Metaknight and Toon Link.

He has one of the best Up+B moves in the game. I’m glad they gave him the excellent recovery then attack after the jump special.

He still lacks in the standing fwd+A or B attacks, but he makes up with supreme Air and Down strikes.

They gave Game and Watch a ton of love-

-He now has a fast neutral air A, so he’s no longer juggle bait- it covers a large area in front of and above G&W, and is multi-hit. It’s KB is weak, and it’s damage is only good if you hit with the entire move, but it’s not it’s purpose- it’s an escape and arse-covering attack, which is something G&W didn’t have and really needed.

-G&W is a shield rapist. Air Back+A Turtle kills most shields in two goes. Down-tilt does little shield knockback and good shield stun, which can leave an opponent trapped in there for way too long for their liking. Both the fast fall and floaty versions of the Down+A Key, already a good shield hurter in Melee, does even MORE shield damage now. Most judgment hammers MURDER shields (A 3 seems to simply IGNORE it and sets up juggles). Simply put, a good G&W will be hard to turtle against, because you won’t have much shield to hide behind for long.

-G&W’s smashes have all been buffed. F-smash is one of the strongest of it’s kind in the game, although it feels slower now. Up-smash still is a pain to hit with, but actually is a good kill move when it lands- I think it also has some SA frames when the headbutt actually happens, for I’ve seen it go through a few moves it probably shouldn’t (Lucas air D+A, most notably). The hammers are still weird, but GOOD weird- hitting the opponent just outside the hammer’s ‘reach’ sends them flying upwards drastically, while hitting with the hammer heads themselves sends them flying away at a good angle with decent power. The hit area at the end of the hammer is pretty big- I’ve used it to stop Ike/Fox/Falco F+B recovery from reaching sweet spot range and send them flying off the top.

-Might only wind up good for comedy value, but the frying pan semi-spikes. I think that it did in Melee too, but it’s far more powerful here. If you like to chase after people off the platform (And with G&W’s great recovery ability, you should like to- trust me) this could be brutal.

-Speaking of that wonderful recovery, so many mind games come out of the fact that G&W can cancel his parachute at any time and start swinging. A fun one is to use the key on someone lurking near the edge on you if you’re coming in high- first a slow-fall version (Hold up on your Control Stick and C-Stick down to bust out a slowfall version) then quickly follow up with a fast-faller. Sounds dumb, probably IS kinda dumb, but it works like a dream and gives you combo ops at low-mid percentages if you hit with both parts of the fast-fall key.

Game and watch is a beast in brawl.
I wanted to main him in melee but he wasn’t good enough, he’s my main for sure now.

G&W does feel madd fun in Brawl.

His Up+Air feels like a fun tool for giving and airborne opponent a lopsided approach.

Forward+B with a 9 at 10% was fucking insane. Talk about a faster and random homerun bat.

Up air is one of my favorite moves in the game. It really screws up peoples trajectories coming down (especially against Dedede’s up B), and if you catch them when they are jumping, you will launch them so high (they wont die unfortunately) that they have to adjust to the sudden raise in height.

I have to agree, and i have been, G&W feels so solid in this game. Its a shame his down tilt (the manhole) isnt as powerful any more, but it comes out so fast and has good range, i think it makes for a great poke.

The manhole is bigger now though, at least it seems that way, and it’s downright spammable fast.

Also, Dthrow -> Dsmash works really well. Not sure if he had that in melee, but it’s a useful little chain.

His Dair has sickening priority and I also believe his UP+B might have some invincibility frames at startup.

Got this from Smashboards. Props to omegablackmage for using G&W.

His bucket is very useful…

18% damage, won’t KO until well over 100%
Lizardon - fire breath
Ice Climber - breath
Koopa - fire breath

25% damage, KOs around 65% with no DI
Lucas - PK Fire
Fox - blaster
Falco - blaster
Samus - uncharged shots
Peach - counter (pan foods)

33% damage
Ness - PK Fire
Yoshi - Down B Stars

42% damage, KOs around 20% with no DI
Robot - optic blast
Mario - fireballs
Pit - arrows
Dedede - Up B stars

44% damage
Lucario - uncharged energy ball

50% damage, KOs at 0% with no DI
Pikachu - neutral B lightning
Wolf - blaster
Luigi - fireball
Kirby - final cutter

60% damage, KOs at 0% even with DI
Pikachu - down B lightning
Zelda - Din’s Fire
Lucas - PK Freeze
Lucas - PK Thunder
Ness - PK Flash
Ness - PK Thunder
Lucario - fully charged energy balls
Samus - fully charged shots

His Up A smash has super armor when he does the head butt. He doesn’t have super armor when he’s leaning back getting ready to hit them though.

I was a Game and Watch/Ice Climbers main in Melee and it pleases me to see him buffed while still being SO DAMN FUN TO PLAY. :slight_smile: I love him.

Its also extremely powerful, I actually knocked out people before with that attack even though their percentage was low :tup:

He still has one of the best up+B in the game, massive priority but can get killed off easily against Pikachu players!

How so? You can “Bucket” Pikachu’s Neutral B and Down B thunder attack. Your down tilt out ranges most (if not all) of his tilts and his Down smash. Your Bair and dair will rape his sheilds so turtling wont be an option with him.

G&W best stage is Corneria (Melee). You can “Bucket” the arwing’s projectiles and even the Grey Fox’s laser. I don’t have the damage calculations yet, but I’ll post them when I get a chance.

So far G&W doesn’t have any bad matchups. He may have problems with characters that out range him looks at Marth. Snake can be a hassle as well if you can’t get to him. If you get close to Snake he won’t do much because he seems like he’s made for zoning/controlling space. Heavy characters looks at Bowser may give him problems because of their sheer power. G&W is EXTREMELY light so just be cautious when playing heavy characters.

G&W seems like a hit and run character because he can’t take much damage; then again, it may just be my play style. I hope this helps any aspiring G&W players looks at Gorehound :tup:

EDIT: Is team play possible with friends on Brawl?

I use him as my main as well, love the frying pan I find it annoys ppl.

I have connected online with friends in team mode. You can also play with 2 ppl online with one wii if it’s friend mode.

Alright I have obtained the calculations.

If you use the bucket on the Grey Fox’s laser it will do 46% to your opponent and the knockback is ridiculously strong. It’s almost a one hit KO.

If you use the bucket on the Arwing’s laser it will do 50% damage to your opponent and it is a one hit KO.

I tested both of these on Fox while his damage was set to zero each time. Since Fox is a light weight the amount of knockback may vary on the weight; however, the weight will not be a factor on the Arwing’s laser. If your opponent has already taken damage they will die from either one.

This easily makes it the best stage for G&W players because you can get a free bucket. :rock:

BTW guys, more important than all of this is that many of GWs attacks auto-cancel. This means he can break shields and punish rolling opponents when opponents are trying to play defensively against him. GW is one of the best offensive threats in the game. Sadly, he dies sooo quickly and easily so opponents like Dedede, Marth or Ike that shrug off pressure and hit back hard can be trouble.