The Stick template/Layout thread

I know DJ-VAN used to have it on his webspace(link is dead now) but does anyone else have the tekken 5 layout PSD? I have one but it’s been heavily used and can’t really make it blank anymore.

They sure do… dood!

:pray: Got to get that site translated, some real valuable information there. I even got a request this week for a Virtua Stick. If someone can do a rough translation to english I can smooth it out.


Guys I just saw something very interesting in the movie Babel with Brad Pitt. The plot has something to do with a japanese mute schoolgirl, which in one particular scene is playing Samurai Shodown5-Special in a japanese arcade. If you watch carefully you will notice that she uses PS2 dual shock controller!!!
I thought that arcades with a PS2 controller input option were made for non-japanese arcades only??? Also the arcade cabinet in the scene was two player “shoulder by shoulder type” (excuse me for the retarted expresion). I really want to know which arcades in Japan can be played on with PS2 controller.
Please someone check this out I am very serious about this scene. It`s on 00:24:03 int the movie.

Use this website to get a decent machine translation:

Good shit on the SFA stick template. I will put it to good use. It is actually to scale, which is amazing.

Question: Should we keep this thread templates/layouts/measurements only, or should we also use this thread to post the button configuration (the arrangement ie. which does what) for individual games? Threads about that seem to pop up every once in a while.

we’ll do both

See this thread too for Soulcalibur 2 template

If anyone’s interested in button configuration, here’s a bunch of stuff I’ve been compiling. It’s ugly right now… maybe I should pretty it up a little.

Street Fighter series, Killer Instinct series, and all Capcom-made VS. games

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 is the exception

Tekken series

Tekken Tag Tournament exception

Virtua Fighter series

Virtua Fighter 3 exception

Guilty Gear series

Mortal Kombat 1 and 2

MK3 and UMK3

Soul Calibur series

Hokuto No Ken

Rumble Fish

King of Fighters old

King of Fighters new

Apparently on the whole, the old SNK layout (NeoGeo MVS) was

but the new SNK layout (Atomiswave) is

and apparently they did something different on a Taito once. :looney:

I don’t know much else about SNK. Hopefully someone can help me with their other titles…

Arcana Heart
(no clue about configuration… can anyone translate this?)

Melty Blood
(no clue about configuration… can anyone translate this?)

Some more can be found in this thread.

I drew this up for someone a thread or two ago and I’m just copy-pasting it in here. They’re measurements for American layouts, and are accurate to the best of my knowledge.
(it’s not meant to be 1:1)

Note that the distance between stick and buttons is often 3.5" or even 3" on smaller cabs.

Melty Blood is:

A - B - C
D - - - Q

In other words:

Light - Medium - Hard
Shield - - - - - - - Quick Action (set to whatever you want, ie, dash, throw, etc.)

Guys, anyone happen’ to have the measures of the SFAC arcade stick?

I just drew this up. It will help you ensure your layout looks centered on your stick–regardless of its total size–if you’re using

1. a Sega Astro City or Sega Blast City 1st player layout (and anything else similar to those two), or

2. an American layout where the stick and the left-most column of buttons are 4" apart from each other (which I believe is most common with nice big arcade cabs).

Note: The front edge (bottom in picture) represents the end of the plexi/lexan on the control panel. On American cabs, this is equivalent to the front edge of the entire control panel… there’s usually just black T-molding and that’s it. On Japanese cabs, there is generally a smooth white plastic lip(a part of the cab shell itself) sticking a little further out.

Just to add some additional info on the actual button notations… I’m not sure when exactly Capcom converted over to lp,mp,hp, but I know for sure that all the Street Fighter II’s had their own classic notation (Hard to tell when you mostly just see generic cabinets these days).

Killer Instinct Games:
Quick, Medium, Fierce - I did a quick google of this and you can kinda see the overlay here: - It only designates “High Attack” and “Low Attack” etc. Makes sense I guess.

-High Attack-
-Low Attack-

^ Jump
< Move >
v Duck v

Street Fighter II (check this link out: )




Joystick (Different for 1p or 2p as you can see above)

Clockwise 1-Player:

^ Jump ^
^> Forward Flip ^>
> Forward >
v> Offensive Crouch v>
v Crouch v
v< Defensive Crouch v<
< Back Defense <
^< Back Flip ^<

Then of course the modern capcom fighters have the



Yep, just thought I should mention it.

just a quick question. is this in terms of the default button layout for PS/PS2?


i always wanted to know because i’ve always played guilty gear on the computer.

Great work so far!

Can we get one for the infamous Agetec Dreamcast stick?? AKA "Green Goblin"
I haven’t seen one done yet EVER online.
Would be VERY well appreciated!!

Some pics of it: <—Modded

agetec template was posted awhile back by A.C —>

updated first post guys
thanks for the links

This is to scale right?

I’m pretty sure that one is to scale. That’s my friend’s old MAS art. He just peeled it off and scanned it. I’m pretty sure I did a test print on printer paper of the buttons and it came out at the right size.